first ultrasound this tuesday...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by prdlyexpectng, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. i have my first ultrasound this coming tuesday.. i'll be 6w4d.. i am soo nervous that i can't even be excited! :nope:

    i am one of those people who always see the glass half empty, not half full, and i have been trying to stay optimistic about this pregnancy i can't help but fear the worst (esp since i had an early miscarriage in october 2010)

    what's even worse is that my OH leaves this coming friday for MONTHS at a time (army training 10 hours away from me) and i don't even have the comfort of knowing when the next time i get to see him. i just hope and pray that he can see our little bean with a heartbeat before he leaves [-o<

    sorry for that vent, but i am just feeling alone and scared.
  2. Browning

    Browning Mother of Krystal NTNP #2

    Mar 23, 2010
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    Hello hun its normal to feel alone and scared:nope: especially due to your earlier MC. Hope everything goes alright wirh your scan and you have your beautiful heartbeat:happydance:. Its hard not to worry especially with your hormones. Don't be sorry for anything you not alone. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.:hugs:
  3. Jollybean

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    Hey, I'm sure everything will be ok. I can understand how u feel tho.
    We've got our first (12wk) scan on wednesday and i'm nervous too - scared that there will be no baby for a start (as if this is a phantom pregnancy lol), that there will be something wrong, n that I may be put back a couple of weeks.

    Pregnancy is a worrying time but its also very exciting so try and relax and enjoy ur first view of ur baby :)
  4. RunnerGirl

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    Hey Ashley, my first scan is Wednesday this week. Seems like there is a good chance your OH will see the heartbeat, what a nice gift before be leaves.

    Just think, when he comes home again, you'll be almost 18 weeks along! Yay! Good luck Tuesday, and think positively. Easy for me to say, I am the one totally expecting the ultrasound tech to tell me I am nuts, and was never pregnant. :nope:
  5. glenoakgirl

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    Nov 4, 2010
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    mine is tomorrow. I am scared also but I trust in God to have a healthy bean with a great heartbeat:) good luck hun x
  6. thanks glenoakgirl! i just had my scan today and everything was great!


    The little bean is so cute and seeing that fast little flicker melted my heart!

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