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Flat Hunting!!


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Jan 1, 2007
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Does anyone else think its one of the most tiring things in the world?!

Do you lose sleep because you have a trillion different flats running through your mind all night?!?!

I bloody do!!!!!!!
Yip lol In the middle of all that myself :rofl:

Nightmare isn't it!
Absolutely! One of those things were i'm trying to tell my brain...STOP THINKING at 3am but it just continues to give me a slideshow of random flats! lol.
Hated it when we were moving ... CONSTANT stress and worry!!

Awwww babes! don't envy you or any of the girls having to do this right now!
AND everytime i contact an estate agents about a flat i've seen online that looks reasonable it's bloody gone!!!!! STUPID PEOPLE - REMOVE IT FROM YOUR WEBSITE THEN!!!!!!!!
LMAOOOOO Had that or we can't get in - We have no keys ..... Errrrrrrrrrrrrr :dohh:

thank god i never had that prob ... brought the first house i saw ... wish i hadn't now like but what the hell lol!

Good luck to the pair of ya xxx
Could be arsed with it tbh ...

The morgage adviser pissed us off and the solictiors acting on our behalf where crap !!!

Were dreading moving next yr pmsl!
oh gosh! Sounds complicated and frustrating!!

Well we're unfotunate enough to have to bloody rent for god knows how long!!! And piss all our savings and money up the wall beause we live in the joke that is London! We'll be living in a garage for £50pw the way we're going! lol.
Could you not look to live just outside of london??

Couldn't live there personally ... hence why i can't wait to move to france ... country bumpkin all the way me!!

Could, but then Karl would have to commute a long way to work and we'd be far from all family and friends.... so we'd be sacrificing a lot!

But we probably will once babys a couple of years older.

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