Aug 31, 2006
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what a rollercoaster day!

To start the postman didnt knock on my door to deliver a package (i know cause i heard him put the card through the letterbox but never heard the door knock).

Then i rush as fast as i could to get to the parcel office, get there with 5 mins to spare and theyd shut early!

Then i went to pay bills, i asked for £15 to be put on my electric key and gave her enough money to cover that and the other bills, no change needed. She only put £10 on there! and i cant prove the mistake as it says on the reciept £10.

Then we went to currys to get a wireless router and usb thingy, we were looking for a special offer that we saw. They didnt have it so went to the other currys, they didnt have it either.
Went back to the original shop and decided we'd just pay the extra £20 for a different router and usb thing.
Found it cheaper to do seperates so picked up both boxes, get to the tlls and find the offer was still on and we could use it on the seperates we picked up, great some money saved after all!

So we do our Asda trip and get home with everything to find the router box is empty! We have to go back into town tomorrow to take the empty box back!
Numptys @ Curry's!!
Poor you!!!

hope today is going better for you

Oh crap I thought I replied here!

I hope you don't go back an they think you were lying about the empty box? :shock: Have you got it sorted?
yea we got an exchange, now we cant get it installed!

Tried everything we can think of except a complete clean install of everything. Thankfully i havent got much on here yet as its still quite new so gonna do that and see how we go.

Hope the weekend got better! :hugs: xx
We got it all sorted finally.
The weekend has been better since..
Good that's what we like to hear :D

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