Harmony Blood Test Locations for Information in the UK

Discussion in 'Gestational Complications' started by Lillypots, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Just thought id share this, will hopefully help someone who searches into the internet for harmony blood testing in the uk
    Ive recently been through this I live in Cumbria, found out that the nearest places that do this are Manchester and Glasgow, also there is London, but abit far away.
    I paid 95 for a scan and 600 for the blood test at Manchester. Its supposed to be 99.9% accurate, a great way to find out about the 3 trisomy problems, without amnio or cvs.
    Im still awaiting my results, its only been a few days and could take up to 2 weeks, im terrified.
    If I get told that its negative for problems, I will believe it. The false positive percentage is tiny, however if I get a positive result, I will follow it up with amnio, which is recommended to confirm results.
    I hope this helps someone who is unfortunate enough to be in the same situation as me. :cry:

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