How is everyone today?


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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi ladies, how are we all today?

well i think my brain batteries are ok today, what a nightmare i had typing last night (as some of you saw #-o ) Thanks again to wobbles for you help,

Take care
I'm monging today but really need to go & get some shopping! Pref with OHs cred card :lol:

And your very welcome x
Thats the best way to do shopping when you use OH money, i done the same thing this morning with my OH, i just filled the trolly knowing i wasnt spending a penny :rofl: unfortunately im left with :dishes: never mind lol
Oh no, it's the nutter again!! :rofl:
Hi Tam, how are you?

Yes im back again, im becoming rather addicted to this site lol, so i'll be here for a long time, :rofl:
:lol: we are all addicts

I am fine thanks babe, you? I am having one of those days........I can't even begine to tell you what one I mean :rofl: :oops:

Glad you're gonna be sticking around babe, we'll have a good laugh and you will get the suport you need!!

How's you babe?
Tell me about it Tam, ive had an awful day myself, my speaking has become as bad as my typing was last night, i know what i want to say to people but when it comes out its jibberish lol :oops:

Hi hayley, i had a nightmare trying to get the av to work, in the end the lovely wobbles sorted it for me. Apart from me talking jibberish to everyone today and feeling completely :oops: im doing ok lol
:lol: glad to hear you are OK hun!! I am just as bad talking too, in fact I can't preview my speech, so I am 100 time worse :oops:
glad its not just me lol, well i would love to stay and chat but all of a sudden i feel really ill :sick: , kinda feel like i have upset tummy, OH says i have a temperature so im gonna try have a horlicks then go to bed, speak tommorow,

dont know if thats gonna work, me and computers lol [/url]
I'm guessing you want that in your siggy hun? LOL

I'll go do it for you x
Night night hun, hope you feel better tomorrow! :hugs: xx

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