I am out again :(



The :witch: got me again.. I am out. Me and my husband have decided to give trying little break because it is such a stressful experience and we would like to go back to "before" trying for a baby for a little bit.. I am honestly not sure how long. I just need a break and so does he. This was our 1 year mark of trying and it has just completely engrossed us and this last year... SO we are going to try and celebrate our lives together and go through the holiday's without all this stress! Hope you all get your :bfp: soon ladies!!! Best of luck! :hugs:
:hug: have a great break tiffers ....i will miss you:hugs:
I'm so sorry the :witch: got you again! Don't be a stranger though..stop by from time to time. You know I heard that sometimes when couples stop trying so hard and actually relax that then they suddenly end up preggers! Maybe the same will happen to you! Take care and enjoy your break. :hugs:
I understand coompletely....enjoy your break. Hopefully it will give you some perspective and a fresh start. God Bless!
I'm sorry the :witch: got you. :hugs: Enjoy your break. Maybe that's exactly what you need to get your :bfp: Best of luck to you! :hugs:

good luck hun , the break might be what you need xx
best of luck for when you start again, but in the meantime have a nice time chilling and i hope you get lotsa pressies at crimbo x
Thats sounds Like a good plan! all this TTC business can really take over your life and you start obsessing about it. DH and I have been trying for 6 months and been using a CBFM, and I have also developed a POAS habit!
This month my cycle was so messed up and I'm not even sure if I ov'd or when af should come, so we decided to stop using the monitors and test sticks, and not think about trying at all and see if it happens naturally without all the stress.
Good luck babes, just try and relax and enjoy xmas, and you never know what might happen.
Good luck while away! Come back all refreshed when you are ready! xx

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