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I want baby now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nov 8, 2006
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Arghhhh, I have an appointment on Tuesday about monitoring to aviod induction, as my consultant said he was happy for me to carry on as long as bub was happy intill things proceed in their own. I will at least get an examination to see if anything is progressing on its own and I have some questions to ask about how safe and effective this monitoring is, as I know after a certain stage the placenta stops working properly and chance of still birth increases, so I want to see just how the monitoring is done. I did some reading last night on some birth stories and one woman said haw she carried on till she went naturally and she finally went into labour 4weeks and 3 days over her due date!!!! :shock: :shock:

Noooo I dont want to be like this another month! As it is I have been finding peoples comments quite amusing the last few days, firstly if I tell people bub was due Wednesday they make comments like my god, are you okay, how are you still up and walking, etc, like hitting your due date means you should be imediatly bed bound!!! The other thing is at least one reletive a day is calling asking if their is anything hapening or any news! and were talking parents here, like we would answer 'yeah they were born the other night we just havent told you!!!' I mean they all know that as soon as there is some sign of movement they will be updated. And asking if I have any idea when it will be, like I have sheduled it or something.

Rant over for now I think, dont even get me started on OH's paternety leave, and how they want to cut it short if it clashed with a holiday someone else has booked etc etc. Twats!
Aw Cat, Hope baby hurrays up for you!
Thats bad about OHs leave - Surely they are not allowed to do that?

I hope bubba arrives for you soon :hugs:
they cant cancel paterneity leave for someone hols it tough s**t as no doubt yours have been booked for ages they cant reduce it either as it discramtion just for the fact if someone else needs a hol all the best cat !!!!
awwww hunny I understand how you feel.

I am sure Helen can give you advice in regards to the paternity leave thing,I am sure they cannot do that.

Do some star jumps and get bouncing on that birthing ball,Iam jealous wish it was me all over again lol want to do the birth again is so fanstastic second time round
Iwantone its the other way round, this person has had holiday booked for months cause they are going to Australia, and us not knowing at what time the baby is going to put in an appearance have only been able to give tentitive idea of dates. The problem is that we wanted for him to have 3 weeks off, two weeks paternety and one week holiday, but they dont seem to be prepared to get freelance cover for him and I dont think they are impressed at me not wanting to get induced as it means that OHs paternety leave will clash with the other guys holiday. So they are saying he should be able to have the paternety but not the extra week. Thing is if I breast feed I dont know how I will manage with breast feeding for up to an hour at a time and not be able to do things with Noah, I dont think it wil be fair, I will prob only breast feed for the length of time OH is off work, so it might get cut short.

Still I did some retail therapy today and bought myself a infra red massager thing, some curling tongs a diffuser hair dryer, some hair products and make up :) and had insane pregnant woman road rage on the way home :blush:

Have midwife appointment first thing in the morning so at least will find out if anything is progressing.
Hope your appointment went ok, Cat. It's funny how pregnancy can bring out the true colours of an employer.... and not always for the best!
Cat how did you get on with the Midwife this morning?

I hope for your sake, your already in Labour!
:( baby not wanting to show up, cervix to high and posterior for a sweep, bub trying to go bsck to back so not decended enough, so everything has ground to a halt. Have been told to have daily sex, so have emailed OH telling him to come home for lunch breaks!

Will have to go in for daily monitoring after monday, dont quite know what I will do with Noah every day but hey ho. :(
awww hugs cat hun i hope that bubs makes an entrance to the worl really soon for u!

have u tried nething else to get u going?
My mum was three weeks late with three of us and two weeks late with my brother, but she didn't want to be induced either. My cousin was induced and she said it was so much harder and more painful. The sprog will come when it's ready, try to relax and put your feet up - it's the last time you'll be able to for a while lol.
Aww cat you must be so frustrated ! sending labour vibes your way xx

Oh no, I was just checking to see if there was any news

Won't be long now :hugs:

:hugs: Keep telling yourself "it will all be worth it in the end & not long now"
aw poor you! hope baby comes very soon. It's so exciting xx
Nope ...

Hope thats a good sign. Her hubby is going to text me when she has bubs so lets hope shes at the hospital:happydance:

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