If you could give a new mum one piece of advice

There is great advice here, that everyone should read!

This really got me thinking....Mine would be

- Don't buy too much before birth. Babies don't really need that much

- Get out of the house at least one a day

- Look after yourself first or let others look after you. So you don't forget to eat, shower or sleep The early days are really tough.. even just emotionally. Both me and my OH were in tears at one time or another! If you are not functioning propery, you won't be able to care for your baby as best as you can.

- There are a million right ways to care for a child, and only a few wrong ones! Do what is right for you

- Listen to your instincts, and your baby. You will soon get to know each cry and what there needs are.

- Although you will have times when you just don't know what's going on!!! It usally is only one of a few things.
1 - they are hungry
2 - they are tired
3 - they are over-stimulated
4 - they are borred or under-stimulated
5 - they are uncomfortable

I have rarely found that in the early days it was crying because of a dirty nappy.. they just love sitting in it! :)

- Don't get caught up in competative parenting.. it is so easy to get sucked in! Everybody learns to sleep through the night, eat food, walk etc.

- Let your emotions over your birth or guilt over bottle feeding go.. it really doesn't matter that much.

hehe - sorry, I've gone on a bit! It was meant to be ONE peice of advice??! :)


this is great!!!!:thumbup:
^^ definitely agree - this has got to sum up everything really - great advice :) x
id say always trust you own instincts and if in doubt get them checked out id rather go to the doctors a million times walking out with a healthy baby and a bit of a red face than any other out come in the world xx
mine advice would be....

take deep breaths and try not to stress out
My top tip for new mummies would be to get a digital clock and put it next to the babys cot. Whenever the baby starts to cry, look at the clock. Ten minutes of crying can seem like an eternity. If you can realise it is only actually ten minutes, it is easier on you.
My OH used to come home from work and I would say "She cried all morning!" But then I would realise that I fed her at 10:30am and she went down for a nap at 11:15am so that only gave me a 45 minute window for crying. For some reason, it was just easier on me, mentally, to know that "she cried all morning" wasn't actually the case.
Also, when you are sitting by the cot settling your LO, it is really useful to note the time when you first go in, as it can seem like a long time when really you are only in there for a short while.
Hope this helps!
Make sure you go out and see people I got a little bit of cabin fever as I was terrified of driving with Evan in the car. Silly I know I just had to learn that he was more than safe and not everyone was gonna suddenly crash into me. Once I realised this there was no stopping me !! x
Do things your way- dont overload yourself with other peoples opinions and you as a mummy always knows best!!! xx
My advice would be; that things are going to feel really weird at first; whether its your first baby or your tenth you always feel after birth somewhat like you stepped into a parallel universe and its very unsettling. Its normal to feel emotionally wobbly for the first 2-3 weeks and though I have suffered from severe depression in the past, nothing has been as bad as the baby blues for me but thankfully it is in most cases; temporary. What always gets me through that time is focusing on some memorable times in the past few years; it could be a family trip or even something as minor as when you went to a particular shop to buy baby stuff some months back; and then I realise just how quickly time goes and if the time from that event to now went so quickly then these awful first few weeks can go as quickly also. Its kind of a mental technique I developed when I had a nervous breakdown nearly 10 years ago now and I just couldn't see any future. I told myself one day soon this will have been a month ago, then 6 months ago, then a year ago and then years and years ago.
This is wonderful thread, keep it coming ladies!
One more - you can never have enough bedding sheets and muslin squares! Our little one wets himself maybe one every day due to volume of wee and so I'm constantly washing!!!
For me, I wish someone had told me it's ok to wonder what the bloody hell we'd done... and to expect those feelings of being overwhelmed.

^^ this is my advice, be open to all the feelings that will take you over. If you want to cry then cry.
For me, I wish someone had told me it's ok to wonder what the bloody hell we'd done... and to expect those feelings of being overwhelmed.

^^ this is my advice, be open to all the feelings that will take you over. If you want to cry then cry.

Well said!

My number one advice would be to take your pelvic floor exercises seriously. You'll be really thankful of it after delivery. No one told me what could happen to your insides down below afterwards, I wish I'd known beforehand.
I'm sure others have said this but my piece of advice would be ''prepare to be overwhelmed'' in ways you have never experienced before both good and bad, and to go with the flow as much as possible. Also to expect every day to be different with what baby demands for a good while!
Thank you so much ladies. You're all stars. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and written down two sides of A4 paper worth of tips. All of the are amazing and made me think I CAN do it :). even though it'll be hard in the beginning. One small person inside of me at the moment is going to change everything in mine and OH's life for the good and a small person with millions of responsibilities for their patents is a very very scary thought for me!
Hope when peanut is here I can go with the flow and when needed I'll do the advice you've said to do.
Thanks again :D
for me it was really important to feel like me again after the birth. I knew I would feel like this and felt I was suseptable to PND so it was really important for me to have a nice long bath every day, hair washed and light make up on. I just needed some time to myself every day so I didnt lose my identity. :)
Don't hold the cry in! let it out you'll feel much better. you'll have more good than bad day's. except the help so you can get some rest!
Nobody expects you to know everything. Especially when your a first time mum. What you dont know, you will learn very quickly.

Listen to everyone's advice then pick and choose what YOU want to do and dispose of the rest.
I would say expect to feel like you want to cry at random times for no apparent reason and just let it out. There is nothing wrong it's just a roller coaster of emotions.
Get help if breastfeeding isn't working for you! I had horribly cracked and bleeding nipples in the beginning, and was in such agonizing pain, and saw a lactation consultant until it got better. And IT GETS BETTER, I promise! There are so many amazing free resources out there to help. And it's SO worth it.

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