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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by BabyHopes21, Nov 15, 2011.

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    A little while ago we found out my husband was deploying again this summer so he immediately wanted to stop trying. So I've tried to stay off here and stop worrying. Couple weeks ago he said that he wants to try again but only for THIS month! Ah! Talk about pressure. So I need tips. Anything you've got!! I want this to happen SOO bad!
    So far I'm taking Maca Root, using PreSeed, I just ordered Wondfo High Sensitivity OPK's and HPT's (Those are good ones right??) I suck at temping but I'm gonna try it. Is there ANYTHING else I can do? I have the longest cycles ever so if you know anything to move up ovulation or anything that would be great!!
    Sorry for the long rambling post. I'm so excited/nervous/stressed/happy/frustrated and no one else understands or wants to listen to it :)
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    Hi babyhopes! Didn't Want to r&r! Can't think of much else to tell you! Have you tried Angus castus for bring ov forward? I'm sure that's what it does but I'm sure there is more experienced ladies that could confirm that?! How is your cm? What about taking some evening primrose oil until ov day? Also I would test twice a day with your opks just be to be sure you don't miss a late LH surge. Also how about bding every second day leading up to your positive opk and then a few nights in a row after your positive opk? Kind of like smep? This is my first montb using smep and it's been ok, find out on Sunday if it's worked!

    Good luck to u!! Xx
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    Thank you for responding!
    I've tried Angus Cactus before it threw my cycle way out of whack. But I've been trying Maca Root for a month and I got my first ever no doubt about it positive OPK! I usually have very little CM so I will definitely try the EPO. You're only supposed to take it until O? I didn't realize that. For sure going to try the SMEP too. Thanks for the info :)
    My fingers are crossed for you and sending lots of baby dust! Good luck on Sunday!

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