Im confused - ur opinion/advice pls


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Sep 29, 2008
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Hi everyone....

I hope everyone is well.
I have been TTC #1 and had the longest month going.:sleep: I have done 4 tests - 3 POAS and 1 dr urine test, all :bfn::cry:. the most recent was yesterday on a first response. (AF was due on 20th sept)

I was talking to a friend last night who is heavily pregant - 4 wks to go and I was telling her my story so far. As i already plan to, she believes I should get myself checked out at the dr's to see what is going on and maybe request blood work.

She also said to me that her Mum didnt show :bfp: on a POAS until she was 4 months gone. I have also heard this from others in the past.

This post is probably on the wrong section but I know some on here already have children. Please, what is your experiences with POAS and have you had anything similar.
Im trying not to get my hopes up. As far as Im concerned the POAS says no so Im thinking no, but cant help but think maybe I am?

very frustrated!!! :hissy:
oh hun...2nd mth i was ttc i was 10days late !! my head was battered,but dyknow why i was late? cos i didnt know id O late, b4 this 10day late cycle id had 29day cycles 4eva ...but all of a sudden this happened, so mth after i started charting to pinpoint O and its een the best thing ive done thats so helpful and opk....if ur not yet charting go on fertilityfreind and watch the slideshow of charting and on cd1 u start taking ur temp,simple as....on the other hand ur right ,ive heard of some ladies that NEVER have had a pos htp just pos bloods!!! good luck hun x x i know wot ur goin through

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