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in need of


Mum of 2 TTCAL
Sep 5, 2006
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so stressed out today....

i think i should take Colins credit card and go shopping
I think you should to

I totally agree

ok ... was determind to go out shopping but now i have severe pains down the sides of my stomach and my legs have gone all tingly...

so i guess ill just sit here for a while...
awww are you feeling better now??? hows the pains and tingles?? hope they have stopped :shock:

also hope you felt better and went out for that retail therapy hehe :twisted:
Awww babe, I hope you are feeling better?

if you didn't manage the retail therapy in the end, you have to double up when you do get round to it :wink: it's an order!! :lol: x
Aww hun, i hope you are feeling better

And i agree with Tam double shopping next time :D
Hope your feeling brighter today Terrie (?)

hey guys...

been in bed for most of the day :cry:

just got up to check emails and eat a bowl of cereal

i am feeling much better thankyou... the pains have eased and the tingles have stopped for now!

:) so touched that you guys all cared that i wasnt feeling well

Now Terrie get out there and shop!!!!
im gonna go out this afternoon and shop :)

orderd some tops off next.com and they came today... but too big :( so now i have to wait till 2moro till they can deliver some smaller.
SHOP SHOP SHOP lol and make sure you have a few 0's after that decimal ;p
Glad you are feeling better babe.....you just make up for all that crap you have just been thru with the pains............ spend, spend, spend :wink: :lol:

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