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Is anyone else ?? ....


Aug 31, 2006
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A sodding football widow tonight??

Got bloody Man u on the telly AGAIN! ...:dohh:

He's dominating the TV so im even dibating doing some ironing ... YES it's really THAT bad!!

Nope lol Stu isn't a footy person unless its the world cup & I watch that anyway :D
thankfully mine is stuck listenin 2 it on the radio at work :rofl:
Bit happier now United are equal not ahead ...

Red shite ... COME AC MILAN!!

Liverpool fan ere lol
Yep, phil watching the footy too!! i so hope man utd win or he'll be teasy !!! lol and funnily enough ive just done a huge pile of ironing !!!lol
Nope OH not a football fan really .. plus i dont think he knows its on :rofl:

Hes been playing the playstation so thats just as bad.
Nope OH not footy fan but haven't seen him since tea! At the mo he's on the'phone trying to sort his m8s domestic probs out. Just hope hes not phoning mobile from landline as it'll cost a fortune. I nut him one if he is, i told him to use my mobile, and showed him how to use it! I now its pink but no one can see:rofl:
Nope, thankfully. DH not into footie, cricket, motor racing, etc., etc. Phew!

He has gone down the pub for one of the last few nights he can drink. We agreed tonight that in next couple of weeks he needs to start staying sober. It's not that bad, my brother had to stay sober over Xmas and New Year! :rofl:

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