Is Anyone on...



Talk Talk??
We had a letter the other day saying they were doing work to update the server so we got superfast broadband.
Since they did the work (22nd) i haven't been able to get onto MSN!
Really annoying!!
Anyone else been affected??
(I was reading on another forum and someone has said that their msn is playing up but i can't ask to see which ISP they're with!)

Have you tried calling them and asking if its possible the change could have affected msn?
Have you uninstalled MSN & reinstalled?
have you ever,
ever felt like this,
when strange things happen,
are you going round the twist
haha Jase!!!

Have tried uninstalling and re-installing, no avail.
Kaz, its not worth trying to ring them at the moment, i still get my work e-mails and Talk Talk call volumes are soooooo high i'd be on the phone for hours trying to get through :oops:

Seems really fucked up!

How about doing a system restore back to before they did maintance on the line - I would hun!!
I would try that if nothing else works.

Do it to Sept 19th, that was one of the days i was at yours and it was working fine. Any earlier and youll wipe the cam software i put on for you.
Software is easy to reinstall :D

But if you have a sytem restore do that H it wont lose any of your documents.
so there :p :thumpup:
I know the feeling!!! :rofl:
Have you installed anything other than the cam on your PC? If not I would suggest uninstallimg MSN before repeating system restore only this time restore your computer to the day before the cam was installed.
oh no..... Talk Talk... Matty got told at Ntl that Talk Talk was a big scam and that they muck you about and things like and they put your bill up somehow with out tellign you so your paying more then your suppose to
My sister had to come off Talk Talk as she had nothing but probs with it! And as you said Hayley, the call volumes are soo high, so not something you want to keep doing, having to phone them :(
Jase said:
have you ever,
ever felt like this,
when strange things happen,
are you going round the twist

ooh i loved tht themetune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n the programme
Am just gonna take it back to the shop and make them sort it, cos its annoying the hell out of me now! lol!

Have uninstalled and re-installed everything...

And apart from the MSN not working the in-built Wireless keeps disconnecting, when G's puter is right next to it and connected fine.. Am gonna throw it out the f**king window in a minute!!
And to reply to a post i have to open a new IE window and copy and paste my post into that grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

(i normally get one of the girls in work to phone me and transfer me internally to Talk Talk, but i've only had to ring them once before now. Vicky, they're not actually that bad, i'd know about it with working there if they were!)
Heres hoping you get it sorted soon! Im missing chatting all day with you! Youll have to give me your landline number so we can gas there instead :p
I can get in on Windows messenger!! (but no-ones' online!!)
(am on G's puter today) But still can't get in on MSN live... how annoying!!!
always manage to miss each other!
bet you log on as i log off in a minute, am making graham take me to costco, and seeing if theres any charity shops to have a nose in on the way!!!
Got some bargains yesterday can't wait to tell you!!!


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