Livingtv 2!



Just come back downstairs and G is sat watching
"pregnancy & birth : the truth"


Talk about scary looking, yet i'm still sat here thinking i want to do that!!

i used to watch all them and darren wa slike eeeew its to early in the morning how can u watch it???!!!!
He's just sat there quite happy with it on!
They're talking about Water Births and stuff... he's kind of like meh!
I'm cringing at the thought of the pain he's not flinched at all... might hit him where it hurts!

Mwah haha!!!

Aww house of babies is on now... they're showing real live water births!
Just told G i'd like one, but i want him in the pool behind me!
Now he's feeling grossed out!!


They've just said that they ask what size feet you have cos your feet size kind of matches your pelvis!
She said someone who is a size 5 (american size, i don't know what that is here?) a 10lb baby can be hard for the woman.....

G was a fat headed baby! I'm so gonna be screwed!!!
(i'm a size 4ish depending on where they're from!)

lol my feet measure at a 4 but i wear a 5 cos there fat and i managed so ull b fine!!! :hugs:
awwwww bless G my oh never wants to watch them :nope:
hey lol omg i could never watch the birthing stories when i was preg for alexis it scared me way too much lol but then i had to watch a video in the prenatal class :shock: i almost passed out lol was sooo oh is ok with them tho i think hes more worried this time about me having natural labour and birth and what not....he thinks i will be very bitchy :oops: hehehe he hasn't got a clue lol :twisted:

and the shoe size thing thats pretty cool lol i really hope our shoe sizes are different then yours over across the water tho lol or else i am a clown i wear a size 7-8ish :oops: lmao

but hayley i don't think you have anything to worry about going by G's "fat head" lol cuz my OH was 10lbs 2oz and i was soooo scared lol but alexis was only 7lbs 5oz thank god big were you when you were born?
lol i shouted at my oh cos he dropped my gas and air mask!!!!(bloody midwifes kept telling him and my sis to take it off me!!!!!)i wa slike u idiot give me it noooooow!!! :evil:
awww hun gas and air made me feel really sick
loop said:
awww hun gas and air made me feel really sick

i had no time 4 anythin else!! went in 1hr l8r i had him!!! :shock:
yup was good looking back but very very scary at the time!!!

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