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Manchester area?


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Nov 5, 2006
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I am from Stockport but is anyone from manchester or the surrounding area- maybe arrange a meet!

You know I will be down soon :D
I'm quite close to Manchester :p
**Runs a mile** :rofl:
Stoke on trent is about 1.5-2hrs isn't it!!

No! :D

Total Est. Time: 53 Minutes
Total Est. Distance: 45 Miles

Thats in a car! :D Think its an hour on train too straight through! Mind only takes an hr on trains to Chester apart from the long wait in Crewe *sigh*!
Oh that's me told! :lol: :lol:

Why does it take us longer to get to Alton Towers! not far from you is it?
Bout half hour in car from me :D
Yvonne said:
Oh that's me told! :lol: :lol:

Why does it take us longer to get to Alton Towers! not far from you is it?

ooooh i love Alton towers! lets arrange an alton towers meet !!!!!lmao
im not far from manchester, about 45 mins on a train? im in huddersfield
I love Alton Towers too, lets go :D
:shock: Your not all coming to my house for dinner if you do!

oh wobs you spoil all my fun!!

Alton towers meet sounds great!
Hmmm had a second of madness & thought about it BUT they are closed!

Alton Towers theme park is now closed for the 2006 season and will re-open on the 17th March 2007!

An we are moving I bloody hope anyway so me planning it & being local wouldn't really suit :)
Why wouldn't local suit? embarassed by us :lol:
Just you lol but I meant being here may not be (hoping its not gonna be) .... :lol:

Anyone just want a night of getting sloshed I woudn't say no though :lol:

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