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maternity leave

sophie c

2 gorgeous daughters <3
Nov 8, 2007
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hi, i was just wondering when all you lovely ladies plan on leaving for maternity? or when you left?

its just i feel like ive completely changed my mind about working right up to my due date, ive been feeling a bit down lately and work isnt helping, i feel like people look at me like im not doing what im supposed to be because i cant work with certain children, i work in a residential home/school for children with cerebral palsy and the work is very much hands on and when i get told "ohh yeah you cant do that can you because your pregnant" i feel like they're thinking im lazy but i dont wanna put my back out or hurt myself. then they switch and change their minds about what children i can work with when it suits them or if we are short staffed so it just annoys me and im thinkin of leaving as soon as i can now, the OH has just got a newer better paying job and we are now looking to find cheaper housing to make things easier.

just asvice would be nice or just to know im not alone?

I'm thinking of leaving earlier than planned. I just know I'm gonna get fed up with all the travelling to and from work and trekking around London to see clients. I was going to leave just after xmas, but I'm thinking of going before now...
what type of job are you in neecee?

i made the mistake with my 1st thinking i could go longer than i could with my 1st baby. and it was a stand up job and had to catch buses,
i'm leaving at 34 weeks this time which will be the week before xmas. i have two weeks left hol so having 1 week in oct the other week in nov as if you dont use them you lose them, and it breaks the months up a bit, some people take hols at the start of their maternity too, but knew i'd need a break in between
only you know how your job is and how you feel, you can leave 11wks before your due date.
if this helps
thanks, lol just feel like i want to tell them to stuff it sometimes!
i also hate the "being away" factor like im workin 2-9 today and then sleepin there and not getting home to the OH till 6ish tomorrow and i could do with being hugged and chatting to him and being in my own bed.
i nearly told my boss to stuff his job where the sun don't shine last week, cos i were constipated in the loo, and my mum happened to call wish me happy birthday but i was asking her how piles begin lol, anyway was in there nearly 15mins upset and he had his ear up against the door, then dragged me in the office and shouted at me for abusing the phone.
any other time i'd have gone mad, but it just upset me as i felt i wasnt pulling my way, none of your co-workers should make you feel bad, your protected against them too not just your bosses
leave when you feel ready too hun, you can change your maternity leaving date with 28 days notice so if you feel like you need to leave earlier you can :)
Im leaving 3 weeks before my dd but will change it if i feel i need too!!
what type of job are you in neecee?


I design custom carpets and rugs for the hotel industry. I'm mostly in a studio, but I do still have to go out to visit other designers and clients. It's an added stress that I don't think I'll need towards the end of this pregnancy! It's bad enough dealing with London designers on the phone, let alone face to face!
i was going to leave in jan, but im not too sure...
are you thinkin of leaving earlier or later?
probably earlier, i work in retail for o2, and being on my feet all day for the last week has led to different probs, which my midwife suggested cutting dwn my hours.

the only prob with this is, if i leave before x mas, ill have to go back before x mas, and we ALL hve to workover x mas, which i didnt want to do, as it will be our 1st 2gether. as i was going to take a year out x
i wanna leave b4 xmas, would be nice, but ill make sure i dont go back b4 next xmas!! no way lol plus were closed for 2 weeks over xmas.

lucky mary!!!

unfortunatly for us retail souls we HAVE to work it!! :(
ye that must suck big time! :( im just trying to work out how much annual leave i have left cos ill take that with it!

we have the same due date! although mine is with confusion! lol

ive taken all my a/l ive added it to my weeks, so i only work 4 days rather than 5. untill november. which is when its probably going to hit me lol
i need to ask my boss how much i have left as ive forgotten, they work it out in hours so i get lost lol i know im aloud 120 hours a/l per year or something along those lines! so i wonder when that will bring my leave date to!!

Im taking mine as soon as I can, coz I dont like my job, when I've finished maternity leave Im going back for a few weeks and then finding another job.
So I'm leaving the 1st week in December :D Much to my supervisors disappointment :D

We're not allowed to take any holidays from 1st December to the 5th January

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