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Aug 31, 2006
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Well I've tried to give up & started out well a few times or cut down & again started off well .....

BUT I keep slipping!! In fact now I'm just getting nowhere!

I even have 2 boxes of nicorette microtabs but nope they still in my drawer along with quite a handful of patches!

I have the biggest reasons to give up so why aren't I? We are TTC & we've suffered 5 known miscarriages before 5 weeks & a 2 months ectopic ordeal! A little of me says "what’s the point" but maybe thats just an excuse.

Allen Carr's Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking book states that often a smoker will criticize a woman for smoking whist pregnant but will usually find herself in the same situation at some point due to her own addiction - That’s so right, I'm one of those people!

The reasons I need to give up (I may add to this as days go on)

- The loss of 6 pregnancies
- Expense
- The loss or illness of a parent if we carry a full term pregnancy
- The fact I can't walk back from the shops without being breathless (Maybe that’s my fat ass lol)

To sum it up I am a heavy smoker - I have managed to reach back up to that good 40 a day routine! I plan to cut this down than taking a leap!

My weaknesses:

- I work from home on the PC & find I reach for a cigarette out of habit
- If I wake in the middle of the night I will have a cigarette
- I wake in the morning & have a cigarette before I even get out of bed

My goals for now are:

- Not to have a cigarette if I wake in the middle of the night
- First thing in the morning I have not to have a cigarette before I get out of bed & before having made myself a coffee
- Morning are the worst maybe for me so will allow myself 2-3 cigarettes in that hour & ONE every hour after!

I will log on my diary when I am at the PC when I have had a cigarette, I will be honest & expect someone to give me a good telling off if I fall weak! I am definitely at my PC weekdays due to work!
Awwww I wish you the best of luck hun, you can do it!!! :hugs: xx
I've had 2 cigerettes this morning! Going to go make me another caffine fix have another fag & then my hrly rule will apply :shock:
Friday 15th September

Will edit this for each puff I have!

15.30 *Naughty*
Ohhh you're doing well babe!!!
hows it going honey....i started again a couple of weeks after mc and now trying to stop again...finding it harder, think its the nerves....excuses excuses....but determined not to buy any next week...
Crap hun totally done crap & did keep forgetting to add to this thread!

I haven't got the will to do much at the moment I know if I go tomorrow & they see something on the ultrasound I will have some serious words with myself. My OH couldn't cope with me being emotionally everywhere & this!

Don't kick yourself someone once said their doctor told them not to push yourself regarding smoking as putting that strain on yourself as well as the obvious fears in your 12 week zone can be a bit much.

wish my oh saw it that way...the looks i am getting for 2 a day at the moment...
i will be thinking of you tomorrow...hope all goes well.
Oh no don't get me wrong my OH in no way thinks like that LOL

I get digs about it most days *sighs* & moaning!

Wibble, (Please bare with me!)

As a NEVER SMOKED person, I say -

Why would you:

1.) Want to do something which has clearly been linked to serious illness?
2.) Do something which makes you smell?
3.) Do something which is accross the world becoming evermore anti-social?
4.) Waste £100's a month on something which gives you nothing positive back? Just burn £50 a month pocket the saving and treat yourself everymonth to a pamper day at a Spa or something else which you would benefit from.
5.) Try and harm other people in your vacinity by forcing them to smoke passively?

However having said all that, you need will power, and lots of it, especially if you smoke 40 a day.

I moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned,
and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned,
and moaned, and moaned, and moaned, and moaned at Tam to stop and she always said I'm not ready, when I am ready I'll stop.

And she did, one day (her mums 60th B'day +1 day) she realised nearly 24hours had gone by without her smoking and she hadn't missed it so she quit.

402 days later and still she doesn't smoke.

You can do it, you simply need to WANT IT, FEEL YOU CAN DO IT, AND KNOW NOW IS THE TIME!!!!


PS Tam says you have a book to read about quiting, Tam's sis, and OH read the book and >18mths on neither of them smoke!!

If the doing it on your own doesn't work, READ THE BOOK & FOLLOW IT TO THE LETTER!!!!
My goals for now are:

- Not to have a cigarette if I wake in the middle of the night
- First thing in the morning I have not to have a cigarette before I get out of bed & before having made myself a coffee
- Morning are the worst maybe for me so will allow myself 2-3 cigarettes in that hour & ONE every hour after! (sorry I deleted the quote wobbles bit)

I'm not sure if this helps at all but I was like you and i loved my morning cigarette. And although I never smoked in the house this was my morning routine. Get up before kids, make a coffee, put coat on, go outside and have smoke, Take kids to school, come back go outside have a smoke.

So i changed my routine a bit I realized my morning habits was just as addictive as my smoking as i love routine. So now I get up make kids lunch get kids up put kettle on, make kids breakfast and THEN have a coffee. Also I was told to maybe change my morning drink to orange juice as i associated coffee with smoking but I could not stomache it.

So maybe it may help if you do little things like maybe not leave your ciigerettes in the bedroom that way you will always have to get up and try smoking outside if possible. It keeps your house smoke free and fresher and also now it's going cold I always found I smoked less as I was too cold to go out all the time.
Well i stopped for a year and a half after finding out i was pregnant. i did stop in the second trimester and gave birth to a healthy baby. the girl next to me in hospital were a smoker and gave birth to a 5 pounds baby who was just a week early, thomas was 7 pounds 12. I found stopping smoking very easy as i had a good reason to do it. up until a few weeks ago i loved being a non smoker and the fact my oh smoked 35 a day did not bother me at all.
Then, i had problems with oh, bad problems with finances , stress at work and feeling guilty and stressed not to see my boy more than 30 minutes a day. I also do everything at home on top of working and looking after my boy, my oh does not do much at all. With all the stress, i smoked one cigarette, then two and now i am almost back to normal. I tried to stop but can't this time though.
I am so cross with myself now because my constant headaches came back, i hate being around my boy smelling of fag and of course the budget is even more stretched. So why do i still carry on? ADDICTION

ADDICTION to nicotine has been proven being stronger to addiction to heroin. Before i started again, i dreamt for 3 months every single night i was smoking.
I need to find the strength to stop again but will make myself better first and then tackle this issue.
I stopped again but to be honest a jump from 40 to 10 left my OHs life at risk LOL

HOWEVER I have gone from 40 to 10 a day - I smoke lights & now there is NO smoking in our house - It smells so much better & I feel so much better strangely! I think I've dived from a spend of £250 on ciggies a month to around £60 which I am pleased with :yipee:

I will get there!

Allan Carrs book also stats cigerettes are more addictive than heroin!

Good luck stopping i the future I think you have to do it when it's right for you :hugs:
well done wobbles you are doing great!! and as for not smoking in the house!!!! yay!!! yup nicotine(sp) is the most addictive drug!!!!!
I did GREAT! I found giving up SO hard that I cut from 40 to 10 but I've slowly let myself down :(

So girls another shitty attempt & unsuccessful! I really need to kick this stupid habit!!!
all the best it just about changing ur rountine my mum tried it twice coz ppl nag her she fell bk in to her trap and started somking again and when she was ready she did it and for the last 6months she anit smoke teh house smells nice now

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