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    Mystery shopping sites:


    Archer fish
    This one you get money for clicking on the daily clicks, daily visits
    and for clicking on the emails they send you. You have to click on it
    for about 15-20secs. When you get £3 you can claim it in paypal, £5
    amazon voucher or £10 cheque. I have received payment from these.

    My TNS
    This one they send you surveys and you get nectar points for filling
    them in. I have had about 1700 nectar points which is worth £8.50 off
    sainsburys. The surveys are using quick and not too boring.

    Free Fivers
    This one you need to click on the recurring offer at the left hand side
    and click on them each day. They pay out once you get to £25 in cheque.
    You get £5 for joining too. I haven’t had a payment from them yet but
    know people who have.

    This one you need to go to recurring offers at the top and complete the
    clicks each day. They pay out at £1 in paypal, and £5.00 in amazon
    vouchers. I have had £65 from them the are the best and the fastest to

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