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    Aug 25, 2008
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    I am an online shopping addict, any way, my financial situation is really bad and am starting a business and I am the boss of course :happydance:
    any way, I've been shopping for all of my clothes online for a while now. but after giving birth i didn't buy any regular clothes, all what i have my size are maternity clothes. I've been a customer at victoria secrets but on my last order i did order alot! and the price was more than $1000 so they asked for my credit card verification from my bank. i gave them all the contacts they need and they didn't bother to sort out my problem! i guess the problem is i live in a different time zone so they might have had problems getting in touch and so i have to find another shop to buy some clothes as my business will run soon and i need to buy smart tops and trousers. I loved the victoria secrets style and now i am finding it difficult to find another online shop with a similar style? any ideas???? price range for tops and trousers not more than $100??

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