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Odd shaped belly?


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Jan 17, 2007
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I lost some weight when my angel left and then was pg. a month later. Now my belly looks big on top and bottom, but around my belly button is sunk in. It's weird because my belly button is already getting shallow. Any one else have a belly dent? :shy:
No not like that, but my tummy does sometimes look a bit odd and lopsided and then the next day it's wonky to the other side. :lol:
Yeah sometimes, especially when I take my pants off for a shower I notice my belly goes up from my nether regions and slightly in at the belly button and then out again till under my boobs.

Sure it's normal :hugs:

After I had my DS and lost the first it of weight Ifound my tum looked like a doughnut, cause it sunk in the middle round my belly button, so for the first half of this PG it always diped in a bit, now Im futher along its filled out again, I think it was due to the stratching of my stomach muscles before, but also like helen said, Iget a lopsided bump too, as Idont have any fat on my tum its just bump so depending on bub position it can go all sorts of funny shapes, my SILfound it really funny the other week cause my bump was cone shaped, it actually went stright out to a point!
I have heard it is normal, but it still looks weird! It almost looks flat on the front, especially when little man is laying towards my back!

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