Off work sick and feel guilty!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by nikki79, Nov 15, 2011.

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    I feel so bad that i'm off work, I'm nearly 20 weeks and had 5 days off around 14 weeks due to a bleed and was advised bed rest and the last 2 weeks i've had the worst back ache and hip pain. I've put up with it and gone it work anyway.

    I have a desk job in a very busy office, i don't often get chance to leave my chair so I'd say i spend 7 of my 7 1/2 hour shift sat down. The last few days i've had pains shooting down my right leg from the top of my bum. The doctor thinks it's a trapped nerve and to ask my midwife about physio. So i've rang in and said i need a few days rest to try to stop aggravating the nerve. I looked like quasimodo trying to walk down the stairs last night!

    I feel really guilty as there is another girl in our office who is now 24 weeks and has been off sick since 10 weeks, i feel like i'm leaving them in the lurch as she is off.

    My other half is going mad telling me not to care about what they think but i can't help but feel like 'she's pregnant not ill' will be said on more than one occasion in work today!

    I hate being off and if i wasn't practically tied to my chair it might be different!

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    Ive been off work for 3 weeks in hospital and recovering from op. Felt really bad but I go back today. My work are really great and understanding. I still feel guilty though, i'd much rather have been at work than have to face problems i have. But Work must take a back seat where these babies are concerned!

    Hope you feel better soon xx

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