Pics of my crib!


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Dec 18, 2007
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Ok, so I put all the bedding on the crib the other day, just to see how it looks, and I love it!! It made me so excited, I hope bubs will like it! What do you guys think?


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Awww beautiful, Just perfect for a suprise baby will be even lovlier with some pink or blue teddys in it :)
yours is the same as mine isn't it just great!
oooh, how pretty!

All it needs it a baby!

I set my cot up as soon as I got it home, it made me feel so warm and fuzzy just looking at it all made up and ready... I fdo eel a bit silly now that we're moving because I'll have to dis-assemble the cot before he's ever used it! I should have left it in the box!
oh i really like that, its lovely, great choice x
that is gorgeous...sry just aving a peak, wish i was in 3rd tri !!! :(

hopefull i be in 1st tri soon....its lovley :)
Thats soooo cute, i have to wait for bean to be born till i get to put one of those up :lol: OH wont let me have one if bean is a boy so i have to waaaaaaaaiiiiittttt!!!

But that looks amazing :)
It looks lovelly, we are getting ours delivered next week and i cant wait, once up we will be able to work out what is going where its soo exciting
Looks beautiful hunni, really does :) XxxX
aww hun, it looks gorgeous. It's getting a bit exciting now isn't it?!! I can't believe it's nearly October...eeeK!!!
Its gorgeous Claire!! I'm with Jenna here, TIME IS TICKING!!! Bring on Oct!! Last full month of being pregnant - woo hoo!!
Looks really pretty! I'm sure LO will love it.
Very nice! I'm envious, we've not even got the cot in our house yet, nor have we a nice room to keep it in! I dressed the moses basket in unironed bedding out of desperation but it hasn't the same effect!

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