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Aug 31, 2006
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As some of you know, my brother and his wife are expecting their first at Christmas. I've said to them that either which way things go with us, I think it's unlikely that we'll go and visit when the baby arrives. It's a 2 hour drive which is not terrifically far but if things don't work the last thing I'll want is to coo over a new born baby and if they do, I am going to be the most anal mother to be in the land and won't want the drive during a risky period. (Risk of miscarriage with IVF is pretty high).

So, my question is.... I want to be able to get something really nice for my new neice or nephew so that my brother and sis-in-law know that there is no hard feelings and the new addition will be very much loved. I also want something I can buy online as I try to avoid wandering around baby stuff shops as I find it all too painful. My parents will go up to visit so it can be biggish and I want something that will last more than a couple of months.

Any ideas?


I saw the new Christmas tatty teddy range in Clintons...
And they have a 1st tatty teddy thats also a baby's 1st christmas one.

Dunno if its the kind of thing you'd be looking for, but it is v cute

these are a couple of nice sites hun
i love the gift baskets
If you wanted a toy this would be a good one, my niece has had it since birth, shes now 15 months and still loves it!
Thanks for the suggestions. These are great. Keep 'em coming!

Really liked Jo's idea of a basket of things, maybe I could do my own..... :-k
Good idea Helen
You can make it more personal then :D
I was thinking of doing my own basket for my sister when she has hers too, I think it will be more fun as well as more personal........Good luck babe, and show us a piccy when ya have done, if ya do it :wink:
I've been looking all over for really nice wooden toys. I'd like a wooden cow or elephant or something like that.

Any suggestions where to look?

Tam, I'll show you mine if you show me yours! :shock:
weve got a handmade shop here in dundee they have some nice(though very pricey)things, do u maybe have something similar?
i dont know if its the kind of thing you're thinking about but the new tickle me elmo doll? its for 18months and up, but would be a good gift for a long time i'd think? they are a bit expensive tho... but heres a linky thing anyways :D
OK... bought first thing today.

Soooo cute :D Look at the little feet on it.
Have also got some Natalia New Mother Bath Soak and Mozart for Babies CD. I'm going to get a mini bottle of Moet and have ordered a book of nursery rhymes. Only thing left that I want to get (aside from a box!) is a teddy bear of some kind. I've given up on the wooden toys as I just can't find what I want! Hard to please.

Can anyone recommend a nice teddy bear for a baby? I'm thinking something traditional...

thank you all for the websites recommendations .. let me know if you have more baby gift websites xxx

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