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    Hi all,

    I have made seperate threads but I don't know how many pages back they've gone so they won't get noticed loads, so I thought id make this to let you know what I have toi sell and if any of you are interested. We're going to do an NCT nearly new sale soon anyway, so just seeing if I can shift some bits before that.


    We've got:
    *2 Avent Sterilisers (one about 8 months old and the other we only got earlier in the year, both in excellent condition). Bought for £39.99 - https://www.mothercare.com/gp/product/B000OOM3SE/ref=ts_dp_1/026-6978027-0736429?ie=UTF8&mcb=core (includes the jug and tongs, nothing else please note!)

    *1 Avent bottle warmer (warms babys milk and food jars) Bought for £19.99 a few months ago.- https://www.mothercare.com/gp/produ...f=sr_1_7/026-6978027-0736429?ie=UTF8&mcb=core

    *1 Lindam night and day feeding system
    Bought for £29.99

    * Kenwood Smoothie Maker
    * Moses basket flat and fitted sheets
    * Grobags (0-6 months)
    * Cream very cute fluffy Next pram suit
    * Humphreys corner very soft dressing gown (worn once for about 10 minutes)!
    * Baby name book
    * 2 pregnancy info books (hardback)
    * Loads of baby clothes - need anything? just ask you never know.
    * Morgan sandals (worn once)

    Let me know or if you need anything else just say and I might have it!!

    Having a big clear out if you wander why im shifting this stuff!

    Ty :)

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