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Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by poppy, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Hi girls!

    During my labour, I had a retained placenta. This basically means that the placenta did not come away on its own (even after the injection). I had to go to theatre to have it removed in a procedure. Basically, this means that the doctor put her hand 'up there' and put it under the placenta and eased it out. For me, when she did this, it actually came away fairly easily and in one piece. I did end up losing a bit of blood though, as obviously when the placenta is removed like this, it takes a bit of time for the veins to contract and close up (you have to be give a shot of something to speed this up).

    My worry is about this happening again if I get pregnant again. I have read on the internet that there is a risk of it happening again if you have previously had a retained placenta. One of the reasons I suspect that I had this happen is that during the actual second stage of my labour (it was a long active one), my contractions slowed down a lot (possibly due to the epidural) and during the third stage, they all but stopped.


    1) Have any of you experienced a retained placenta?
    2) If you have, have you experienced it in more than one pregnancy?


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    :hugs::hugs: sorry dont no hun it has never happened to me but just wanted to give you big :hug: and i hope some one can help you :hugs:

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