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Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by VAinTX, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Weaning is hard!

    At Jonathans 1 year visit, the doctor said to drop the bottles between meals and exchange them with a snack. She suggested yogurt and cottage cheese with fruit as an idea of what I could give him. So, I give him that for his afternoon snack... but in the morning I give him half of a cheese or peanut butter sandwich (1 slice cut in half) and about 1/3 cup of fresh fruit. I guess my questions are... should a snack fill them up, and does anyone else feel like their kid is eating all day? I am still giving milk with each feeding and snack because otherwise he would not get close to the bottom of the recommended amount. It just seems that my kiddo is eating alot... would you guys mind looking at what he eats in a day and share your thoughts?


    6:00 - 5TB cereal mixed with 1 tub of stage 2 fruit
    9:00 - 1/2 sandwich and 1/3 cup fresh fruit
    12:00 -4oz fresh cooked vegetables and about 5pc of spiral noodle pasta
    3:00 - 6oz tub yogurt and 1/3 cup fresh fruit
    6:00 - what ever we are eating and 1 tub of stage 2 vegetables (that one is because I'm crazy... I want to make sure he still gets a serving of vegetables?!?!) :haha:
    7:30 - 4oz milk

    I'm still working on dropping the before bed milk... but it has been hard. I put a rod to my own back by giving the bottle before bed. :blush:
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    Hi hun, I'm not sure about quantities as Omar doesnt eat much.

    For breakfast he eats 3-4 scoops of cereals or 5-6 cheerios or/ a slice of cheese with a small piece of bread

    Lunch 1-2 tsps from what we'r eating

    Dinner plain yoghurt

    He drinks 1-2 bottles (5-7 oz), he started to drop his bedtime bottle recently.

    Today he ate a cheese slice for breakfast then 1 milk feed (5oz), a small piece of baked fish for lunch +2 tbsp of plain yoghurt. I dont know if he will eat dinner or not. If he skips dinner he will go for a 7 oz bottle.

    Omar hates eating. He eats almost nothing all day.
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    I think Ronan would eat or nurse most of the day if given the opportunity. We sit at the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner but he grazes on his snacks in between and if my husband or I eat anything around him, he has to have some of it too.

    Some days he eats like a gannet, and other days he picks like a sparrow. I try to look at how he eats over the course of a few days to a week, rather than day by day.

    Today for example, for breakfast he had oatmeal made with a quarter cup of dry oats w/half a cup of milk, 4 strawberries, a handful of blueberries and a few raspberries mixed into it (ate almost all of it bar what he got on his face and hands), followed by about a third of a kiwi fruit.

    He then had about a third of a slice of my toast before his nap and still wanted to nurse before going down to sleep.

    For lunch, he had a cheese sandwich (1 slice of bread folded), and a whole banana.

    He nursed before his afternoon nap as we were out so he didn't get a snack, but he'd quite easily put down a thick slice of cheese and at least half a cup of fruit like grapes or something.

    No dinner yet, but he usually eats a good amount at dinner time, too!

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