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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by little_pod, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Hi just a quick question to you all....
    My baby girl is now 7 weeks old.She has been on sma gold since birth. However these past few weeks she seems extra hungry (i know they have a growth spurt at 6 weeks) but she has been drinking nearly 6oz of formula at every feed ( she feeds 6-6.30 am 10-10.30am 2-2.30pm 6-6.30pm 10-10.30pm and will then take about 3oz at about 3am and go bac to sleep ) so yeah she feeds more or less every 4 hours. However i have recently bought sma hungrier baby formula, and i have been giving it to her at her 10-10.30pm feed-hence she is now waking at 3-3.30 instead of 2am and 4.30-5am)....
    My question is, is it ok to mix her feeds with sma gold and sma hungrier baby formula? I am doing every other feed of hungrier baby formula....i make sure the last feed (10-10.30pm ) is hungrier baby and then when she wakes at 3-3.30am i give her sma gold and only about 2-3oz of it.
    My health visitor told me not to put her on hungrier baby formula, but the thing was she was taking 6oz at every feed and then being sick-about 1 oz of milk kept coming up- so i think she was taking too much fluid so needed something more filling, but she does also have slight colic-she takes infacol for it-but sems so much better now i am only giving her 5oz of formula.
    Is it ok to feed her sma gold and sma hungrier baby formula??
    Thanks in advance x
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    I wondered this before and asked the advisor on the SMA helpline, she said it was fine. We did it for a short while then ended up changing completely to hungry baby. Hope this helps!

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