The Big Thread of Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by insomnimama, Jun 3, 2008.

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    I'm lurking ....
    And reading what people put...

    But a BUMP to get this back to the top!
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    May 30, 2016
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    Hello ladies, first post!

    I am 28, DF is 31 and we're trying for our first for the first time.
    Apologizing in advance for lack of knowledge in regards to all the abbreviations.

    So far I am 11dpo and from what I can tell, have not had any crazy symptoms.

    1. First two days slight ache in uterus, but it didn't stick around. (Maybe I imagined it?)
    2. Vivid dreams every night which is not typical for me.
    3. Lots of small white heads around my T-zone and mouth, also unusual for me as I'm not acne prone.
    4. Constipation. Nothing major, but also not totally out of the norm, depending on what I eat this can happen from time to time.
    5. Been feeling cramps most of today now, but they're not like my regular period cramps, they aren't nearly as bad and I don't feel the need to take pain killers like I usually would. AF isn't due for a few days yet either.

    So I don't know if I should get my hopes up or not. At this point I'm kind of expecting to get AF any day and I haven't bought a test yet because I don't think I'll be needing one. I thought FOR SURE I would have a host of symptoms but the lack of them has me discouraged even though I've read plenty of situations where no symptoms resulted in babies still. For what it's worth knowing, I've never been on birth control or had an abnormal period since puberty.
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    Bump! Would love some of our ladies who recently got bfp's to share! I know it's an oldie but a goodie ��
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    Jun 7, 2017
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    Hi everyone, I am 19 years old and I'm wondering if I am pregnant.
    So it starts off from the last few weeks I have been feeling very nauseated, I developed acne on my face from my cheeks to forehead (I never have pimples, I occasionally get the one but not a whole face in the space of two days). A week or two back I was very emotional crying over anything. Experiencing clammy hands and feet at night. I was dry retching and vomited once. I went to the doctors a week ago to get a Blood test and it was negative.
    However, today was my 5th day late for my period, I usually cramp the night before my period and my periods moderate but I experienced no cramping last night. today I noticed when I wiped there was brown discharge. it started to get pink colours but mainly brown later on in the day but has not increased in amount. I feel cramps that last a few seconds and happen once every few hours. I did the blood test and hpt a week ago but if this happens to be implantation bleeding that I'm experiencing now could that be the reason why the results are negative? Like are you meant to have your missed period/Implantation bleeding before being able to detect if you are pregnant?
    I also was on the pill but I had been having frequent bowl movements, Having diarrhoea and constipation. I also was taking antibiotics in the period before all of this occurred. My doctor believed I could be pregnant due to the antibiotics and a possible virus which would rule out the contraception.
    Also when I eat my stomach seems to bloat and hurts to touch. I also feel like I'm going to vomit after every meal I eat. My breasts have slight tenderness and feel heavier than normal. Overall I am experience majority of the symptoms in early pregnancy, increased urination I believe I'm not exactly sure because I never focused on how much I went to the bathroom before.
    If anyone knows what could be wrong please let me know, I've been worried about what is up with my body, if I'm pregnant and if implantation bleeding and my missed period had not occurred before I took the blood test could that be the reason it resulted in negative?
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    Hoping this month is it for our BFP!!!

    I am totally the worst about symptom spotting - make myself a little bit crazy every month :haha:...this is cycle 4 for us TTC #1

    I really do think this month might be different's what I'm experiencing so far (at about 8DPO)

    • A ridiculous amount of milky white discharge, not quite creamy and not quite watery (sorry TMI!)
    • Feeling a little more tired than usual, napping every day and had to leave work early yesterday
    • Twinges on and off all day yesterday on the right side, also where I felt ovulation pain this month
    • Congested as hell! Not sure what that's about...

      And this is a little woo-woo, but we saw an ENORMOUS double rainbow on O day - which is supposedly a "sign of transformation" :shrug:

      Trying to wait until next week to test - it would be great for it to happen this month with Fathers Day on the 21st and my birthday on the 15th. Waiting until next week to test, since AF isn't due til the 19th

      Fingers crossed for everybody!:hugs:
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    Jan 28, 2018
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    I'm struggling to post a question but I'm 21 and I had unprotected sex a or two after my period ended... this was around the 9th of Jan.. this past week I've been feeling really ill like bloated, lower abdomen cramps and slight diarrhea and waves of nausea that don't last long ...
    I'm suppose to get my period the 4th of Feb but I started spotting (I think.. its light blood with some cramps but the cramps are gone now) I also have this pinching tugging feeling in my tummy on the left side ..
    My ovulation supposedly took place around the 18th .. is it the start of my period or could I he pregnant ???
  8. Azasha

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    May 6, 2015
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    Hi Ladies,

    Wanna share my symptoms and still waiting for that :bfp: to appear...

    CD1: Menses starts. Taken medroxyprogesterone x 1 tab which was taken 3 days ago and had the menses then.

    CD2-CD6: Took my clomid at night to avoid the side effects. But sadly, i was having bad hot flushes and sweating in an aircon room. Slight nightmare one of the night?

    CD7: My menses ends today. Still feeling hot flushes and slight dizziness..

    CD8: BD at night with slight cramps felt lower abdomen section. mostly on my right pelvic region. Started taking in L-Arginine and continue with my Folic Acid.

    CD10: Felt different because the cramps and aching starts to get full blown. Felt that my body temp increase but no other feverish symptoms.. Just warmer than usual. We BD tonight.

    CD11: Did OPKS and saw the darkest 2nd line ever in my life! It was almost as dark as the control lines.

    CD12 (1DPO): BD again tonight.. Still feeling warmer today and aching with pinches felt at lower abdomen. OPK was still dark today! But yesterday was darker ever!

    CD13: Still feeling warmer, and dry down there.. Feeling frustrated and somehow easily irritated to every small things.. OPK was slowly going less darker than previous days..

    CD14: BD tonight, I was extra wet tonight.. really like slippery ewcm kinda feeling. Still cramping still.. And lower backache.. Felt dizzy at times.. neck cramps on my right side down to my shoulder.

    CD15: OPKs lines basically almost invisible.. So i assumed that I've ovulated earlier with Clomid. My nipples starts aching.. still feeling some pinches and aching on my right pelvic region/ovary.

    CD17 (5DPO): Went for my Ultrasound scans and my uterus lining was 7mm!!! I was amazed! And also they mentioned that my left ovary & womb is unremarkable which is good.. But I was still happy to know that my uterus lining is above 6mm for now and hoping it will continue to grow thicker! My nipples are extremely sensitive, tender and sore! I cant even rub onto it gently without feeling pain and discomfort. Mostly on my right side.. And constantly aching sensation. Feeling warmer and some metallic taste in my mouth.. No URTI symptoms yet except some throat pain which disappear after drinking some warm water.. Still feeling dry down there. Been super super super tired and sleepy.. had a bad headache today.. and notice some pimples on my scalps.. feeling heaty?

    CD18: My boobs felt slightly tender, but my nipple continues to feel sore and sensitive.. like its basically erected all of a sudden. And yes, my body is still warm than my usual.. feeling joint aches, still cramping sensation on my lower abdomen. its only 12noon now and I feel like sleeping again. lower backache again.. I somehow felt wet down there.. but when i wipe there is nothing and no stains on my pantyliner except for some yellowish stain which is super little.. just need the urge to POAS and as expected its so i wll wait till the end of this month to do the test.. Also, I realised that my skins are itching.. Especially on my upper arm and face.. I have no idea why... hormones???

    CD19: Was constipated last night.. Spent like a good 15mins in the bathroom for that. Then this morning I had diarrhoea?! HORMONES? And also starting to have some yellowish milky discharges upon wiping.. Not alot.. just stains and dry.. Not lotiony or watery discharges.. I'm starting to have some mild sore throat with no fever but warm temps I could say.. Pain upon swallowing some water.. Still feeling nipple soreness.. And I'm currently having some abdominal cramping like across my abdomen like as if AF is approaching? But I am not due yet for at least 13 days? Joint aches especially my thigh area and shoulder and lower dull backaches.. Urgh.. I am struggling to stay awake right now at work. Felt so sleepy..

    CD20 (DPO8): I'm still having cramp.. More like below my belly button. Aching and dull poking kinda sensation. My nipples are still aching and feeling full? Sore Throat with phlegm, no fever.. Still feeling warmer, notice some small amount of yellowish sticky stains upon wiping.. Not lotiony or wet.. Did HCG test on a IC, (results posted in page 2). Not keen to accept the results as I manage to see it after 5mins but less than 10 minutes reading. For what I know that IC has no history of evap in my previous cycles that I've tested with. Once its dry, it doesn't even show any evap lines. Will test again on DPO13 (Sunday) Ans also, we BD tonight.. Feeling much LOVED.. LOL!!
    Was constipated in the morning, diarrhoea at night..

    And on CD21 I will be going to the Dr's office to do a Progesterone Blood test.. Hoping the best for this month!

    CD21: So today (23/02/18), manage to get my Progesterone Blood done by my department Dr as my veins are pretty hard to obtain as its deep in, and also, since I've been poked, might as well did a Beta HCG for fun.. Not sure if its too early but since it's free, why not? LOL!! So today I realised that I had some yellowish discharges.. dry and sticky? Not much just about a droplet or two stains on the panty liner. I have no idea why but yeah..My nipples are still sore since 5DPO and i realised that around my aerola outer ring has like pore like holes? Not a bump on it.. like opened pores around it.. Never seen that before.. At times its itchy but mostly nipple sore and side boobs once awhile will aches.. sleepy and feeling heavy headed... Just wanna lazed around the house.. Constipated again at work while diarrhoea at home.. Hormones..

    MY PROGESTERONE LEVEL ON CD21 WAS 42.4nmol/l (13.33ng/dl) What does it mean??? Anyone know how is it to count or relate?
    I believe I should have taken on CD19 as i had my ovulation earlier by 2 days from the norm 14 day?

    CD22 (24/02/18): Im currently at work, feeling that my nipples are crinkling in my bra as its erected as if i've submerge them into ice water. Feeling aches at my underarms (side boobs area) And feeling just heavy & sleepy. Slept like a LOG last night and woke up twice just to pee with urgent urge.. Feelings lower abodmen cramps still below my belly button area & some bubbling feelings which I don't know if its from my active bowel movements or my uterus.. mostly on the right side. And it's only 10.52am right now and my cramps felt like dull AF period.

    CD23: BD tonight. Felt extra hungry, still having cramps and sore nipples still. But the cramps or poking is only on the right side.. like half of my abdomen is cramping while the left side isn't.. Thats something new I notice. Went to pee slightly more often. Starting to feel thirsty more..

    CD24 (12DPO)(26th Feb 2018) : Tested.. BFN, starting to feel super sad and emotional.. Feeling that I'm out this cycle and I wanna cry thats all.. But then, i still have sore nipples, cramping on my right side more often for hours and the aches spread down to my legs, diarrhoea and bodyaches especially my shoulder.. I felt extra tired and so far no CM much (only DH's left over in there). Had a dream that I had a BFP and was visited by someone who waited 11 years to get pregnant with her first and she gave me some encouragement words to be strong in the dream. Not sure what it meant but I really hope to see a 2nd line soon.. I will wait till CD28 to check it.. Must not try to POAS again these 3 days..

    What i can say is that my nipples has been sore since 5dpo till today along with the lower abdomen cramps.. which is alil weird for me as I dont usually cramp as early as this for AF to arrive. Also been dry all the time..

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