The Faintest Line On Pregnancy Test

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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi girls i think i have what seems to have been implantation this tuesday just gone and i did a pregnancy test this morning it looked negative well something was telling me this afternoon to look at the test i did and i must have had the faintest line ever on my pregnancy test just could make out there was a line there you would really have to have a look at it my friend came over i told her too look at it and she even said there wa sa line there anyone experienced this and did you go on to have sucsseful pregnancy as i miscarried on aug the 14th so i hope this is gonna be a BFP XXX
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss :(

Sadly they say to disregard the test after 10 minutes but that does not mean to say the test is an evap line (false positive)

You may be testing to early - Which I do all the time & get the faintest of lines!

What test did you use if you don't mind me asking!
Hun anyway you can post the picture??
Did you test with your first pee?
Was the faint line there straight away?

Fingers crossed for you

A line is a line and means positive, BUT only if you read the test and see it within 10 mins (I think for clearblue)...............results are not certain after this time frame!

Do another test and if you see a VERY faint line within this time, then you are PG!!

Good Luck!!

You see that rule does make sense but also it is sort of a porky pie!! If you have a low HCG level the test may take those few extra minutes for the line to appear faintly!

Trust me I'm a peestickoholic :fool:
I agree!!!

But just go with the small print, saves undue heartache!!!

So if in doubt, re-test!

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