waters may have gone or leaking?! UPDATE: confirmed prom!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MrsCoop, Oct 9, 2013.

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    So last night I stood in the kitchen and felt a gush of wet it soaked my underwear and leggings. I thought I'd peed! Anyway an hour later I was defo having regular tightenings some stronger than others lasting up to a min long, then a few hours later it all tailed off. Now it's morning I constantly feel damp and I feel like I'm tricking on the inside but nothing is trickling down my legs. I'm also really crampy and irritated. Phoned mw she said she thinks it's waters and to call l&d. Called them and she said come in with a small bag they are probably going to keep me in as I'm 3 days off 37 weeks and classed as pre term.

    What are they going to do? Will they check me if so how? I dislike speculums ( I'll have it though if needed) do they just go by what you say?

    UPDATE: I got to l&d they did a ctg showed regular contractions/tightenings. Ended up having one speculum which showed no fluid then hours later had to be repeated for the strip test which confirmed my waters had definitely gone! They are treating me as pre term so I've one steroid injection and due another one at 1 in the morning. They think my body is going to go into labour on it's own but if not I'm booked for an induction tomorrow. Did not think for one second I'd ever be writing this and I'm just looking at all the options I have. They have said no matter what I wont be leaving the hospital until baby is born!
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    I can only go off of what I went through with my preterm labor scare. I got checked by fingers only. That's how they check dilation, anyhow. I am not sure exactly how they check if your waters have gone as I didn't have any signs of that.

    Anything inserted into the vaginal canal during possible labor would seem dangerous to me, so I don't think they would use a speculum.

    You're not too far off of term, so hopefully they can get things under control for you so you can go the last three days. If not, your baby should be perfectly fine as you're so close. Good luck hun.

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