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what 2 say 2 MW..?**RANT**


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Jun 7, 2008
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Right...from previous post some of u may remember me being really pissed off that I havent seen a MW in 3 weeks..seeing as im 39 weeks i think this is shit and not acceptable.

Not only that, but since I was 32 weeks Ive had a different MW each time because mines bein re-located 2 another practice..! so each time I visit them I have 2 get to know them and they seem 2 wanna do my mesurements and send me packing- this has resulted in me not yet discussing things like labour, birth plan etc..!:cry:

So tommorrow I have an appointment and am going 2 raise hell..! :hissy:they cant take a running jump if they think im going to wait another 2 weeks after this 2 discuss inducing me..! My grampy is terminally ill and hes taken a turn for the worst this week so it dont look like hes going to last more than a week or so..! and I really want him2 see his first great grandchild.

But I just dont know how 2 go about addressing this cause I know I'll either keep quiet or completly flip..!:dohh:

any advice will be much appreciated

I would just tell it how it is.

We have 4 midwifes at my doc surgery and i see a diff one each time too so i know how you feel.

Just remember these are just people doing there jobs.....if you went to a restruant and was treated like crap you would complain well whats diff here????

Just tell here everything thats going on and how you feel etc. And to be honest if you flip or cry then so be it. Im sure she's seen it all in this line of business i mean we are preg. Hopefully they will induce you early. :) XxX
Yeah sweetie, I know how you feel. I have seen the same midwife twice during this whole thing. I just think this lack of consistency is potentially quite bad in relation to the 'duty of care' aspect of the Health Service. They all have different opinions of my measurements, on babies position, it's become so subjective.

At the end of the day, I know it's not their individual faults and they are trying as hard as they can with the resources they have but it's just not good enough.

I would explain how you feel, bear in mind they'll probably come back with short staffing as an answer. The hospital should induce you early if you have extraordianry personal circumstances, fight your corner.

Keep calm, I think they'll respond better if you give them a nice calm argument. Really hope everything goes ok darling...
Cheers hun..! hope so...hope we both get our lil 1s swn..cant believe amy and sam have both gone b4 u..! these lil bois ehh?? lazy sods =)
I agree, just tell is as it is. If you flip then they'll just see how much it has sucked for you!
I agree too. You've been let down and its really bad. Hope it goes ok - let us know!
Yeah i agree with everyone else just tell it how it is, my MW is nice enough but i dont feel like the health care is as thorough as it should be at least thats been my experience anyway xx
i'd tell them it as it is. i've got 2 midwifes, but one seems to have tuesdays off atm which is when i have my appointments. the one i keep seein has a habit of not marking my measurements on my chart and doesnt seem to really do what she's meant to and its startin to do my head in lol
I agree with the others, aside of that waiting 3 weeks for an appointment so near the end of your pregnancy I would not be happy with.

I know what you mean with the gramps thing, my grandad is the same at the moment, could go any day now. I don't know about your LO but this would be the first great grandchild in our family.

Hope everything goes ok with you tomorrow, make sure you stand your ground x x
I'd say just explain how stressed you are at the moment, and be honest hun, if you cry or get a bit annoyed then so be it. Sorry to hear about your grandad hun, fingers crossed that you get your induction sweetheart.
Sorry to hear about your grandad.....

I would complain, I know they're lacking resources etc but if no-one says anything then nothing will change.

On my 4th MW appt I was seeing a 4th different MW so I said that it was unacceptable and that women should be seeing the same MW throughout pregnancy as per Government spouting she barbled some excuse about holidays etc and so I was blunt and said rubbish it's lack of funding (I had also at this point had to agree not to be seen for 8 weeks due to being a "low risk" pregnancy - again funding). Coincidence or not I've seen the same one since......

So say your bit and try to keep calm xxxxx
Ok deep breath!!!

Try to write down anything that you need to discuss with your midwife.
Take the notes/writing with you so that you use the time you do have with her to discuss the points you need to rather than ranting, not getting to the points and coming out disapointed!

Talk to your midwife, explain the situation and try to be constructive, they will listen and take note much more than if you go in ranting and raving.

I appreciate that you are probably having a hard time at the mo due to feeling unsupported by your mw and your family situation but I very much doubt that they will induce you until the think baby needs it.

Ensure that you tell them you are unhappy that you have not been able to discuss issues with your mw and if they do not have time to discuss it with you there and then they should arrange a visit so they do have.

Good luck and hope all goes well for you.xxx

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