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What on Earth are they thinking???? ( life insurance)


I'm an old bag!
Sep 1, 2006
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Ok so we have had to get a new life insurance policy, everything was going great
but i recived a letter this morning asking for more details on my medical history, so i thought right that will either be my depression or they don't know what Obstetric cholestasis is

No nothing like that i quote from letter
"We note from your medical records that you had hearing loss and grommets inserted in 1984. Please tell us if this has had any long term effects"

What the hell is that about ????
bloody grommets!!!! I WAS 6
Like i am gonna kark it from having grommets in at 6!!!!

Sorry had to get this out as i am sat here in amazement at this mega waste of paper, time and effort
LMAO! :rofl:

It took us nearly a year to sort out our life insurance because of my shocking medical history which included things like ear syringing and tonsillitis.

I'd reply and say "yeah it had some long term effect. I can bloomin well hear properly now!!"
ha ha I had gromets as a child, what a stupid thing to ask about.

What insurance company is this? name and shame them, Ihad my policy affected before from my spine operation, where they sharged me a bit more, and said if Idied as a result of anything to do with my back I would not be covered. But now I have an excellent policy with Norwich Union and they dont have any stiputaions about it. Plus they are bloody cheap!
oh my goodness tht is mad tht tht has come into it lol!!! its a good thing they never told u over the phone, im sure you would have laughed at them!!!! :rofl:
Yeah i would have died laughing then werre would i have been?????!!! :lol:

It is Scottish Provident Cat

Bunch of numptys
lol random subject change but does anyone else wind up people trying 2 sell u things??

i always wind them up lol im terrible 4 it, if tehy say wud u like a conservatory i make thm go in 2 details etc thn they ask my addy, so i tell thm 7 blah blah, n there like oh is tht high rise flats ;rofl:
My life insurance is with Scottish Provident lmao :D
Yvanne said:
lol random subject change but does anyone else wind up people trying 2 sell u things??
Hell yeah! I've noticed it now I'm working from home a bit more. I hate the automated things where the phone rings and there's this silence before anyone speaks. :evil:

I heard this really funny thing where I guy wound up a junk caller.... just see if I can find it again.

Here you go... enjoy :wink:

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