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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Bid, Nov 14, 2011.

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    May 28, 2011
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    Just need to have a moan! Earlier this year we planned some building work (knocking through some walls to make a big kitchen/diner, and getting a new kitchen fitted) but it got put on hold when we found out I was pregnant because I was so bad with morning sickness and just couldn't face the disruption. We decided to wait until next summer so I could stay with my mum while it was getting done (as I'll be on maternity leave), but the builder called a few weeks ago and said if we'd do it now he'd give us a discount because a job he had lined up got cancelled. He reckoned it would only be a week's work so I agreed it could go ahead, and now I'm wishing I hadn't. Two weeks later and I'm still living in a complete building site, the dust and mess is unbelievable. The whole of downstairs is in a mess with no floor and plaster off the walls, rubble everywhere and no doors on. The living room isn't getting worked on so I thought at least I'll be able to hide in there, but the new (fully built) kitchen got delivered last week along with all the appliances, so we've had to shove all our furniture down to one end to store it all - we literally don't have room to swing a cat (of which we have two - and two very big dogs! - living with us in this mess). We've set up the kettle, toaster and microwave in the bedroom but we've got no fridge, washing machine, or even a kitchen sink. I've given up leaning over the bath to wash dishes so we're now reduced to eating off paper plates with plastic cutlery, and I'm sick to death of takeaways and microwave meals. Everything is covered in dust, even my baby stuff which is upstairs in the spare room which was sealed up. Every spare bit of space is packed full of kitchen stuff or building stuff, even in our bedroom. I'm sick of stubbing my toes on kitchen worktops. And the house is freezing because we've got no radiators downstairs apart from in the living room (which we've had to turn off anyway because the kitchen units are stacked in front of them and they might warp). In Scotland. In November :cry:

    It's not even the builder's fault - when everything was stripped back we discovered half the downstairs needed rewiring which has set us back a few days, then there's been more plastering than we thought, and nobody else can work while the plasterer is in because he needs a clear workspace, so everything is getting set back. It's just been one thing after another, we'll be lucky if we can get it finished before the end of the month. I'd love to just run off to my mum's but she lives 5 hours away and I've still got another 3 weeks left at work, so not an option unfortunately!

    Why, why, why did I decide to start this now?! Baby is due in eight weeks, here's hoping he doesn't put in an early appearance! :wacko:
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    Awww bum... but it will be finished before baby arrives at least. But I know what you mean, how inconvenient. At least you are getting it out of the way. I would hate a freezing house, dust on everything and takeaways/micro meals every night :(

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