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when do you read?


Wife & Mummy
Apr 29, 2009
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Since having Little Man I really struggle too find time too read, it doesn't help that I have too finish at the end of a chapter, I can't finish half way through a chapter lol

So when do you find time too read?

for me I have started reading while I am nursing Little Man too sleep on a evening, it is working well so far in that he feeds for about 20 mins which is a nice little slot. I also sometimes read in the bath but only if I get the pleasure of a bath alone as Little Man prefers too come join me ...... not so relaxing lol
I usually read during lunch time at work and then I read a few chapters before bed.
While BFing and at night before bed. I have been known to stay up well past my bedtime to enjoy that quiet, "time-to-myself" reading while babies are asleep.
always at bed time for me too no matter how late it is - and in the bath if i can!! my friends all laughed at me as i had a book packed for my night away for my hen night lol... :haha:

also have fond memories of re reading pride & prejudice whilst bf-ing ds....
At night when LO is in bed and in the bath if I get time x
I usually read while LO is having play time or at night.
Mainly I read in the evening when lol is playing or it can can be in night when he is ready for sleeping.
In the bathroom :rofl:

Either on the toilet seat or in the tub. No one can desturb me there :rofl:
I love reading in the bath - its not a proper bath without a book!
When the little man is in bed, it's my little bit of 'me time' I've also not had a lot to so at work so I've been reading there too :blush:
To be honest I don't really understand people who say they don't have time to read (I know I have no children - I'm sure it's different for those of you who do) - but I read in any spare moment I have - eating my breakfast, waiting for a lift, waiting in the car for my DH to come out of work and I always have to read at least a few pages when I get in bed at night - no matter how tired I am.
Usually during Hannah's nap or sometimes when Stan's bathing her in the evening :)
In waiting rooms, on the can :lol: and in the bath. Thats about the only time I have :(
Between doing Tegan's catheters/turning her at night (every 90 mins) if I can't sleep, in the bath, on the toilet, whilst waiting for whoever I'm picking up in the car, whilst I eat my breakfast/lunch/dinner, whilst I cook my breakfast/lunch/dinner, whilst at MIL's and bored, whilst at my Mums and bored, in the Drs waiting room, whilst waiting in the chemist, when there is nothing on tv, when there is something on tv but I can't concentrate, when OH goes to bed early.

All the time....
Usually bedtime, but sometimes at the weekend during the day. Used to read on the train when I had an hours commute each way xxx
Right now only when the little monkey is napping!
I seldom have the focus to read anymore, but when I do, it's usually late at night when I know I cannot sleep. I usually light a few candles in my room and whip out a good read, often fiction at that hour.

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