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Sep 1, 2006
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And what was your worst job !! lol


Here goes MY WORST JOB was selling windows, pmsl but come on I was pregnant, and was meant to be signed of sick for all of it, as I was too ill to even work, anyway I lasted three weeks but got cheesed off when they forced me to try and pressure some old guy, I refused and walked out.

and .....

My Current job is in ASDA in Watford :D I work on the checkouts, and this is my THIRD time working for this company, the first time was in 1997 as a XMAS TEMP in george. The second time was on the HL department that was in 2001 for about 8 weeks then I left to work in an office and I returned last year in Oct 2005 so nearly been ther a year LOL.

I currently work as an assistant accountant for a small firm of builders.
I love working here, its so relaxed with the radio on etc and the money is great and the people are fantastic and the work is easy.

I used to work for part of Unilever (walls, birdseye etc) absolutely hated that job, my boss was a bitch. And she left skid marks in the loo.
I lasted 4 months and rang in sick one day when I started my new job...never went back.

i work in tesco!!!! have done for nearly 3 years!!! catherine ur my rival lol :lol: , my worst job was in a cafe at the hospital and i lasted about 2 hrs, then i dropped a roll and was told to pick it up and use it!!!(in a hospital!!!) so i walked out!!!!
i work in a bakery right now which is great i eat tons of cookies lmao and its fun work the people are nice :D did i mention tons of cookies?!? 8)

the worst job i ever had was mcdonalds :oops: was horrible lol worked there for about 3 months and called one day and quit....hate fast food lol some guy almost threw a burger at me...thats way too much lol
I currently work (haha) for Carphone Warehouse on the O2 contract, dealing with bills and account enquiries etc in the Call Centre (or something like that, i've not been in for so long i can't remember! haha!)

My worst job would have to be working for Vertex in HR, I loved my job, but my boss was a bitch and bullied me into going back to work after my miscarriage, i went in for one day and went off sick again and handed in my notice with no new job to go to, luckily i got the job at Carphone!!!

I work from home for a marketing company - Cashback Well I work on the cashback side. Customer support & live support!

Easy peasy but gets a little boring :(
I'm an HR Manager at a software house. Not the same place that Hayley got bullied out of!! Not a job to do if you want to be popular.

Worst job... as a waitress in a pub with a restaurant. They were pigs there. One day they threw the bread rolls away because they were stale and then realised that we didn't have any more...... so we had to get them out of the bin and serve them to customers. :sick:
LOL Have to say I've worked in a kitchen & the filfy habits are bad!

I worked in a mexican resturant two things come to mind - On orders you get the little salad bits to look fancy most people don't eat them so they would take them off the finished plate & serve on a new dish! Also puddings dropping them they were icecream things in chocolate with sauce I suppose like choc ices dropping them an wiping them down putting them back in dish YAk!
ramp agent at cardiif international airport

(bag chucker)

worst job was gardening, had to skim weeds from a stagnet lake, was endless smelly and i fell in lots
I am a teacher fin a development unit for children with moderate learning difficulties. THey are all between 4 and 7 years old and it is a fantastic job.

My worst job was as an au pair in America. The place was amazing but the family were awful. They had five precious american brats and basically wanted cheap childcare and for me to be a skivvie! The experience of living abroad was fantastic and wouldn't change that for the world.
I am an Office Manager. Well at least that is my title. I do accounting, payroll, marketing, HR, and Design ads for a garage cabinet company in the US.

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