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Where you all having christmas eve/day and boxing day?

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Mar 17, 2008
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christmas eve we're seeing dh's mum and nan, christmas day we're at my sisters round the corner from where we live and boxing day my parents are coming to ours
I don't know yet. I was meant to be going to Mexico to see DH's family, but now I don't want to fly. He's probably still going but coming back for Christmas, so I guess we will spend it at my parents down in Somerset.
dont know yet.
Will have to see what my parents are doing :happydance:
X-mas eve, we always go the local pub for an hour to see all our friends have done for years. So lil one will go my parents for an hour or so while we nip there. X-mas day we spend at my parents and boxing day will be at ours :) XxxX
Im not to sure !

Xmas eve and boxing day is still to be deceided , but xmas day will be at my brothers !

I think our plans are all going to have to be last minute depending on when LO arrives !
At my mum's i'm so pleased it's my mums year and i don't have to spend it with DH family :happydance:
at home! i like to spend them at home with the tree and all our own pressies, and you can relax and do what you like, my family will probably come to see me some point on xmas eve, day and boxing day lol!
Not sure this year as we'll all be going to OH parents for xmas day which will hopefully include my parents... if they don't want to go we'll be seeing them either day and then my brother and nephews on boxing day most likely.
Xmas eve we spend with his family as it's his grandads birthday
xmas day we spend together at ours, we visit the family when the dinner is cooking, so we dont have to spend lots of time out
Boxing day we spend with my family
Xmas eve is either all my friends round our house or at another house but she did it last year so i guess its my turn although would be best there as i will be driving
Xmas day is split 11-1 at his parents (all family meets at this time so 3 sisters & partners and 8 kids and his brother) then 1-3 at my parents with my sister (much quieter!!!) then home lock ourselves in and have dinner just the 2 of us, we started this when we moved into our own home so we didnt upset either parents going one and not the other for dinner on xmas day and to be honest i quite like it just the 2 of us we can eat all we want and slob out its great
Christmas eve : me and Lola-Rose at a big lunch at my sisters place and then we (read :me) are decorating the tree in the evening.

Christams day: I'm hosting a house party (already worried about that :hissy:),about 15 people!

The day after Christmas : Nathan's(Lola-Rose's dad) parents will be here from California and me and Lola-Rose will be heading to his house for a lunch with them.

Stressful already!:(
Well mines going to be different this year because of Lexie's arrival. So:

Xmas eve: I am staying at home with my parents, & Lexie.
Xmas day: I am opening my prezzies here (at home) then around midday, me & Lexie are going to OH's house so we can spend our first xmas together as a family. :) Were stopping over at his house.
Boxing day: My OH is going to his aunties with all his family for tea & family time, so me & Lex will be going back to my parents - Again around midday and spend it with them. I think my nan & grandad are coming to? Unless we go to there's.

So I'm excited! :D
Going to be at home this year as i will be massive normally go my mums though on xmas day
Xmas eve im staying at my ex OH's brother and sister inlaws, christmas day we're heading down to his parents who live 2 doors away from them..and then we're going to my parents for boxing day. Seems abit weird writing that when we're not together anymore haha.
At home!

I was thinking of inviting my Aunt but I know I'm gonna get to the point of 'right eat your dinner quickly and f*** off home' :blush:

So we'll do me, OH, Caitlin & bump lol!
last xmas was one of the best...but this crimbo will be even better, weve no debt, hence no money worries and if we cant buy it we dont have it simple as...we do save all yr 2make sure houlden gets wot he wants especially as he'll of turned14 by xmas,
we go 2 garys mams xmas eve, have a drink or 2..or 3 :) then we go bk home, and we spent xmas day, gary,me and houlden 2geva,eating,watching anything, and trying2figure out how this that n the other wrks!!
boxing day,houlden goes up2garys mam's and we go4 a drink,and i love it,b4 i got with gary and houlden i swear down its been like xmas everyday:)i dont talk 2my own "so called"parents,so i dont see any my family, well i do cos ive got exactley who i need:)
BUT...now weve got net...bet im on bnb crimbo LOL
Christmas eve we go round to all the houses of the family, such as my aunt and uncles, cousins, grandparents etc and give them their presents. Then we go to my mams for the night :D

Christmas day, at mams, loads of people come round for dinner, 20 this year i think, including OH's parents.

Boxing day, back home (take all the presents home with us from my mothers) and then we all (by all i mean literally the whole family, even OH's grandparents and parents) go round my aunties and we have xmas dinner left over sandwiches and stuff and xmas pudding etc and the kids get to play while we all get pissed :lol:

I love xmas :D
Xmas Eve normally go out for a meal and a couple of drinks with friends or my parents.
Xmas day - lunch with my family and then tea and drinks with OH's mum
Boxing day - lunch with OH's dad and family
Sunday in between Xmas and New year - Lunch with my mum and dad
New year - stay in normally and drink and eat!
We are always going for meals at people's houses all the time at XMAS. I get sooooo fat :rofl:
We don't celebrate Boxing Day here in the US, but we're spending Christmas with my parents and brother and his fiance.
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