WTT for boy or girl??


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Jul 9, 2008
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Ok, I know some of us are far from TTC, but is anyone WTT for a specific gender?? And on that note, if you don't get the gender you want, will you be disappointed because you've been waiting all this time and hoping for the opposite?? And be honest...
I am a mother to a beautiful baby boy, who is my entire world (plus more). When I first got :bfp: with him, I felt 100% sure I was having a girl, then was completely surprised at my 5 month ultrasound. I was completely happy still, because he was my first of hopefully many (LOL), but now I'm worried if I get another boy I'll have just an ounce of disappointment. I've always wanted one of each...and I'm totally obsessing over this...even though its a couple years a way (if not 3-4 years). Am I totally wonky? LOL

And bonus question - are you willing to try any of the old wive's tales to get the gender you want?? And if you've tried before, did it work?
Hello ,

this is so funny cz the same thing happened to me I was so sure that I was having a little girl and then one day I saw a dream that I was having a ultrasound and it showed it was a boy . In my dream I kept on saying to my doc."what? are you sure? " well a few days latter I had an ultrasound at 13 weeks and it showed a boy of course! We were so happy especially when we found out that he was 100% healthy ...at the end thats all that really counts !! we did try for a boy to tell you the truth cz thats what we wanted for b#1 even though I guess deep down I wanted a little girl ? Maybe its because as a little girl all of my dolls where little girls so I got used to that idea !!! O:)As for the second time I am not sure if I am gonna try for anything even though I would love for a little girl so I can name her after my mom !All I want is for God to bless us once just once more and give us a healthy baby ! I am saying healthy alot cz we found out that me and dh blood somehow don't match and together we have a 25% chance at every pregnancy to make an unhealthy baby ....:sad2:
I try not to think about it too much ....but its hard all I can really do is just [-o&lt; ....alot!!
I am going to be trying for a girl. I am going to try shettles and see if it works. Not sure though since I have never been pg. If I do end up with a boy, I am sure I would be thrilled with either sex but I am sure you can't help but have a tad of disapoitment if it isn't what you wanted. But I am not totally sure until it happens. I am like you and I want one of each. I want a girl and dh wants a boy. Although I have twins that run in the family. I think it would be great to have a girl and boy although I don't think it happens that often. But I guess we can't decide and God gives us what he thinks we should have. I will let you know when I ttc if shettles works.

After having a miscarriage this year, I think that I would just prefer to have a healthy baby. Although one of each does sound great!
id love to have a girl, a little princess to dote upon :D

but if i have a boy i would love it too :D
I agree with Todteach on this one. After my miscarriage I'd be happy with any baby at all.

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