3 IUIs and 3 IVFs - need some help!

Discussion in 'Assisted Conception' started by monkey_cat, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Hi ladies,

    I am new to this but I really need some help here. I wonder if anyone has a similar situation.

    I am 38 now and started fertility treatments with RMA about 1 year ago in New York. All the tests (hormone, karyotype test, semen analysis) are normal/ good for me and my partner (42 yrs). And the doctor was very positive before we began the treatment.

    I had 3 IUIs last year and no luck. We started IVF (all with ICSI) this February.
    1st IVF: 6 eggs retrieved; 3 fertilized. All of them arrested by day 4.
    2nd IVF(with birth control): 13 retrieved; 9 fertilized, and only 1 blastocyst. But the genetic test came back with one extra cell.
    3rd IVF(with birth control): 16 retrieved; 7 fertilized. All arrested by day 5. (I was extremely stressed at work)

    The doctor thinks there is a major egg quality issue and can't really give us any suggestion/answers.

    I take DHEA, CoQ10, Vitamin E, life extension- Mitochondrial, and Doctor’s Best Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid. My diet is usually healthy and nutritious. I go to spinning class 3 times a week. I also go to acupuncture sessions per doctor's suggestion.

    I don't know if we should do another IVF or is there anything I can do?

    Can anyone please help? I feel lost and confused.

    Thank you,
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    I am sorry to know about BFN-s, it's so frustrating. I can't help with personal experience, but I am a loyal user of eggdonationfriends site that offers free consulting. More than that they organize webinars with Top fertility experts on a regular basis who answer attendees' questions. If you might want to consider IVF DE route, a sister of DH was happy with Instituto Bernabeu which profile and reviews you will find here. Nowadays, the most IVF clinics in Europe offer free consulting, you might email them to find out more about treatment they offer considering your situation. Good luck

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