Anyone gone cold turkey on the dummy?

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by ChuggaBump, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Jun 4, 2009
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    LO is 18 months.

    He goes down for his naps fine (but only sleeps for 40 mins twice a day) and goes down at bedtime fine.

    He's had a dummy since he was 10 days old and he needs it to sleep (aswell as his ted)

    He wakes at 5am every morning and is still tired - usually he'll go back to sleep for another hour once we put his dummy in.

    Lately he's started waking at 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, each time he needs his dummy.

    OH is now saying he doesn't want another baby which is breaking my heart, and I'm desperate to sort out LO's early rising.

    I can't think of any regular sound that wakes him.

    I'm wondering if it's to do with the dummy, and I wonder if I should try to take it away... just don't wanna go back to having "getting-to-sleep" problems, as I used to have to rock him for his naps and sit with him for an hour at bedtime, and now that he's so good at putting himself to sleep I don't wanna go backwards.

    Anyone got any ideas?!

    Thank you :flower:

    Please can no one tell me that "some babies are just early risers", because I know he hasn't had enough sleep because he's still tired, and it doesn't make any difference if we put him to bed later - he still wakes at the same time.
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    Do you clip his dummy onto his p.j's? that way he can find it himself.

    My son still sometimes has his dummy for bedtime, I have never minded as he doesn't have it in the day, over the last few months he has slowly needed or 'wanted' it less on his own accord so i'm just going with that.

    they do go through phases of different sleep patterns though thats for sure! :coffee: in my experience they usually go back to their usual pattern eventually though, stick with the routine you have always had I would x
  3. MrsKippling

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    I went cold turkey with my eldest, she was quite upset and needed lots more cuddles for a couple of days but has never even asked for it since! She was about 15months when we took it away.
    My youngest is 10months and she only gets it at nap times, will take it away somwehere around her first birthday, whenever i feel she is ready basically xx
  4. dreams

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    Is he still in a cot?

    Ffion's never been a good sleeper and never slept through until she had her toddler bed at 18 months.

    Do you have blackout blinds? maybe he's waking up early because his room's too bright in the mornings?

    With the dummy though you can get these clips to clip onto clothes, we've got the MAM ones or use a little ribbon.

    I don't have the heart to take Ffion's dummy away from her but i've only ever given it to her to sleep. I'm hoping she'll wean herself, hopefully!
  5. jambobabe

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    im the same as dreams hunny cant take her comfort from her she spits it out when she doesnt need it so its not a constant thing and i have been keeping baby related things in a box like old scoops from the milk tins and bottle lids etc etc and letting her throw them away over time so hoping to do the same with the dummy over time xx

    hope that helps xx

    J x

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