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Jul 16, 2010
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Hi ladies,

Sorry if this has already been done but I felt it would be great to have a place to share.

I will go first...

We have been praying for a new home and job for oh and really been convicted about comitting our plans/hopes/dreams to God. Well, this week we were approved for a GREAT flat and my dh has an interview for his dream job! All in a week! PRAISE GOD! He is so GOOD!!

Please share... Or let us know your prayer requests...
so nice to have other christians on here! :cloud9: since being chosen and saved by Jesus 4 1/2 yrs ago my whole walk is a praise report! :happydance:

Dh and i have given ourselves completely to the Lord and He has not let us down even once. we are by no means perfect and we have a lot to learn, but isnt that the joy of knowing Jesus?? i cant wait for tomorrow to come and see what He has to say that day.

we trust Him to provide for us in every way and His perfect love casts out the fear we would have had before we knew Him. what an amazing thing to rest in the Lord.

you have a happy and blessed new year hun! :hugs:
Your post is so encouraging and inspiring hun!

God is good :D
thanks hun! how are you doing lately???

i have had a rough week with being very tired from not sleeping well and being anemic. im at high risk for preterm labor and im having a lot of crampy times, so we are praying everything goes ok. im learning to deal with the anemia in pregnancy, never had to before. God is sooo good and i know He has angels around me to help me through. i give Him glory for allowing me to suffer physically to bring the life He created into the world for Him. i know its nothing compared to what He went through for me on the cross :cloud9:
Very true hun! Thinking of you and praying for you that God's hand is on that little miracles life!

I had a really traumatic birth with Isaac, and his little heart did not falter the whole time and it really was testament to God's hand upon him and I am soooooo thankful for that! Thank you JESUS! :cloud9:

I've been doing really well, thanks. Had a lovely day with my DH, LO, mum and little brother. We went out for lunch at my favourite teahouse. I was blown away today at the way God takes notice of the smallest details of our lives. I've been looking for some teacups for a while now but never bought them as I couldn't justify spending money on something that wasn't a necessity. Well today I had a little bit of Christmas money to spend and I found a teaset that was drastically reduced and SO pretty and the whole set cost exactly the amount of money that I had to spend.

I have been reading a book called "The Father Heart of God" and it really blesses me, when I think of how much I love my son and want to see him grow and thrive but also just want to bless him and see him smile and hear him laugh. That same feeling is expressed by God to me his daughter but it is infinitely more intense than the human love I feel for my son.

Just blows me away :cloud9:

Hope you get some rest tonight hun. I have been praying this over my LO as he has been restless and not sleeping well.

Zephaniah 3:17
The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.
i definately agree, God is so amazing that way. i cant count the times i have just thought about wanting something small and being blessed with it shortly after.

its awesome that you put that scripture, its my absolute favorite and i find not many people know it. God does work in mysterious yet very miraculous ways!

its so refreshing to find someone with the same faith on here. :flower:

sounds like you had a great day with your family. those are special moments in a harsh world we live in.
do you have one son so far? are you planning on more children in the future?
Wow it is miraculous how God works isn't it? I love it, it's a wonderful verse :cloud9: it's so lovely chatting to someone else with faith on here :hugs:

Right now, I would love another LO. I think we will wait a bit until Isaac starts sleeping a bit better. My dh has just been offered a new job and will nearly be paid our combined income while I was at work. It's really Gods provision and it will make it so much easier to have another baby and for me to be able to stay at home.

Having said that, we are ntnp and just relying on breastfeeding as birth control so maybe God will surprise us! :D

How are you feeling today? xx
i am doing ok hun. i had an appt today. my OB was telling me about preterm labor and postpartum hemorhage since im higher risk for both of those. the details are kinda scary, but i will rely on God to work everything out. i have already been having symptoms of preterm labor, so i have to take it easy.

we decided shortly after we were saved that we would ntnp the rest of our lives and let the Lord plan our family. we figure He will do a better job than we can. i havent been able to breastfeed and have had my last 3 children within about a year of each other. i feel very blessed to have the family i have and i cant wait to see the purpose He has for each of my children to fulfill. im hoping that breastfeeding will work out with this next one and that it will give us a small break from becoming pregnant again. of course if its His will for us to conceive again i know He will give us the strength to do everything and must have a great purpose for that child as well. :cloud9:
Hope your feeling well today :hugs:

Wow that is an amazing thing, I'm sure you have a beautiful family! Is this bubba your fifth? I would love to have a huge family but it will all depend on how our next baby is delivered. I had a emcs with Isaac, and I really don't think I'd be able to go through a csec more than once or twice more.

All the best with your breastfeeding this time. I don't know of your saw the breastfeeding buddy thread? Breastfeeding is something I feel so strongly and passionate about, and I really feel its something God has inspired in me, I'm just waiting to see where He leads me. If you need any help or support, I'm here :flower: :hugs:
thanks so much hun! i am very crampy lately and having a lot of BH. i lost some plug this morning. am praying and have people praying so thats reassuring. im thankful i havent had a c section yet. an emergency one seems very traumatic.:hugs: i can understand how you feel. praise the Lord that your LO got here safe though!

i have been on the BF section on here a few times. i feel that they are more pushy than encouraging, so im put off by it. i may have to pick your brain! i have a few people on here that i feel would be great supports and give me many tips to help out. i feel more comfortable that way. i have a BF class this saturday im very much looking forward to. i also feel that Jesus is with me and will help me to BF successfully. so im not stressing about it too much. He has healed me so much. i couldnt BF because of being molested when i was younger. i was very disgusted by the thought and even felt as though if i exposed or put my breast in my childs mouth i would be doing something dirty or even molesting them. its hard to hear someone say something is wrong with you if it doesnt feel natural, but it didnt. they just havent been where i am and dont understand. it has taken a lot of praying an resting in the Lord to get to where im at and even feel comfortable enough to try it. i give Him so much glory for His healing touch in my life. i have forgiven the person who hurt me and am still working on forgiving my mom for not believing me and making things worse in my life over it. i know i have a long way to go, but im soooo very thankful He is still working on me. its such a blessing too that i have a DH who is so sensitive to me and supports me in every way. He is such a gift from God.
Hun, you are truly amazing and inspirational for coming so far since that trauma as a child, thank God that you have found such peace, healing and restoration in Him. I believe that by His stripes we are healed, not just physically but emotionally as well. HE is GOOD!
I can completely understand you're feeling that way towards breastfeeding :hugs:

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have really been encouraged recently and God has been teaching me about His Father's heart. Since having my son and in particular breastfeeding, I have really learned about His character. Sounds a bit odd doesn't it? But those feelings of holding your baby close, conforting them, nourishing them really shows me a lot about God's desire to hold us, His children close to him.

When I first had my LO, I found the BF section so helpful and loved it because there was never any arguments or drama and everyone was there to support one and other. I've noticed now there are a few "militant" style parents. You're welcome to pick my brains :D and if theres other ladies you know that can help, thats great.

I am praying for you and your precious little one :hugs:
thank you hun! it means a lot. and i dont think it sounds odd at all what you experienced. God is so good!

i first thought about BF with my 4th. he was the first pregnancy after i had been saved. it was a passing thought though, i was still pretty uncomfortable at the thought. then with my 5th, i thought about it even more. i think i didnt have very much to go on though. no one around to go to and there was a lot of complications in the pregnancy, that kept me distracted. he had very low fluid an they had to monitor us all the time. when he was 4 months old i felt very healed and began praying that if God had another child in store for us that He would help me to give it a try. dont know where that prayer even came from, must have been the Spirit. funny thing was that i started leaking milk from one side. remember this was 4 months after giving birth and long after my milk had dried up. i got online and found out you can start BF after drying up. i looked into it a bit and was asked by someone to be a surrogate for them. while praying about that i decided to not try to BF. i asked God to tell my Dh if we should do the surrogacy thing for our friend. i really thought we would end up doing that. my DH said he felt God didnt want us to do that, i was kinda stunned. a week later we found out we were pregnant again. God certainly has His miraculous ways!!!!

so sorry for the book :haha: thats how i got here with wanting to try. i have no one in my personal life to get help from. my DH is very supportive though. the only person that BF in my family was an aunt. she is very hard to be around though. she puts me down for FF even though she knows what happened. i dont feel confortable asking her for help. so i guess Jesus and i will be on yet another walk together. if He can save me, forgive me, heal me, certainly He can help me to BF!! i have a class saturday that i hope helps and i try to read as much as i can. also the hospital im birthing at has a whole lactation dept that help while your there and even after.

im positive it will work out. if it happens to not i will have peace still. we pray over the formula we use for our other kids and know that God is who makes it holy and nourshing. im very bonded with my children. it sounds funny, but even though i bottle fed all of them it was a lot like BF without the breast. im the only one who feeds them and i never lay them down with their bottle. they are cuddled at every feeding. my DH bonds with them other ways, like bathing and playing with them.
That's beautiful hun, and so true that it is God who makes their milk (and our food for that matter) nourishing. The bond we have with our children is precious, no matter how they are fed :cloud9:

I've been so encouraged by your story Hun :hugs:
how are you doing hun? im getting close to the end of this pregnancy and preparing for labor and adding our newest blessing. :happydance:

my OB has scheduled my induction date for march 17. the amniotic fluid has dropped very low. its not low enough for them to induce at this point, its better to keep him in to grow. but if it drops much lower they will have to up the date. he is also not moving like he should so i have had to do some nonstress tests to check on him. i really wanted him to make it to march, and im so thankful its here!!! praise the Lord for His greatness, He is so good! :cloud9:

i see you are ttc in a few months, we will pray for your family to be blessed with another child :hugs:
Wow not long to go! And that is fantastic that bubba has stayed put until March - praise God! I will pray that he stays in there until His perfect time!

Yes, AF finally made a return the other day and forced us to have a chat about #2 and while we will continue to NTNP, I would ideally like to wait until September before we actively try as I would like to loose some weight first.

Isaac's conception was completely in God's timing, not ours so we will leave #2 in His hands as well! Best place to be!

How are you and your children going?
Hi Mrs park and blessed momma........saved woman in the house!!!! Good to know yall are here.

This is my 2nd pg after 1 loss and like I told my husband I am fearful. BUT quoting scriptures of God not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound hold this pregnancy to its full term. I am praying daily for this one to stick.

Good to see yall around. :)
Hi princesspreg

Congrats on your pregnancy. Praying this is a healthy pregnancy for you and your precious baby. How far along are you?
Hi ladies,

do you all mind if I join? Glad to see other Christian women on BnB :)

Princesspreg - congrats on your pregnancy!
babybaker you're more than welcome to join us, the more the merrier! xx
Hello alll.....i think I may be 5 weeks..praying this one sticks.

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