Christian mummies prayer/praise reports

I can imagine with a couple little ones running around and having a section on top of that would be very difficult.

So thankful things are getting better for you and aenon. Love the name btw!

We are doing good here, trucking right along. Pregnant with number 8. And hoping Jesus comes very soon :)
Yeah it is pretty crazy but I am very blessed to have a husband and mum that help heaps!

Thanks, I love his name. It's actually a place on the Jordon river. It's only mentioned once in John 3, I heard it and loved it. It means 'place of springing water'.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope you are feeling well :)

Yes, I know the feeling! It's certainly been an 'interesting' day in history today. Praying for your nation and ours as well, it's sparked a public outcry here in Australia to change our laws as well
AOh wow that's beautiful! :cloud9:

Thank you for the prayers! I definitely think it's a sign of the times. The end is near and I'm praying every day that Jesus comes soon. He has been showing me many things and I'm hope hope hoping its this year. I get excited every year around the Jewish holiday 'feast of trumpets' since I have done so much research and it's the next one of God's holidays to be fulfilled. Messianic Jews believe it will be the rapture and I do as well. It's known by Jewish people as 'the day that no man knows the day or hour', and the 'wedding feast', and 'the day of the last trumpet', and many other names that fall in line with it. I'm just so excited that it's coming around. Besides the blood red moons that are occurring, there is the shemitah that ends on feast of trumpets as well as a solar and lunar eclipse that happens this year on it! Christians have also found that the revelation 12 sign occurs in the stars in September 2017. There are just so many things happening that point toward it that this is an exciting year and a definite possibility for it. I realize not everyone believes in the rapture so I'm not trying to offend anyone that doesn't. I just know these signs that I have been shown over the last year or so.

I will definitely be praying for your nation as well!
I have a prayer request as well. Hubby and I are expecting our first child, and we really want me to be able to quit work and be a stay at home mom. He was recently interviewed for a promotion that would have made this happen, however he did not get the job. We prayed that if it was God's will, and what is best for us, that he would get the job, however if the job would hurt our family in any way that he would not. We trust that God is in control and has a plan for us, however right now it is a little discouraging seeing that door close. I guess, please pray that God opens a window, or otherwise makes us able to make ends meet and allow me to do what I feel is best for my child.
praying for you and your family countrybride! it's a good desire to stay home and mother your child(ren), God will make a way. I know for me, it took that leap of faith and just quit my career with lots of prayer and faith that God would provide. and He certainly did!! :hugs:
Thank you, Blessedmomma. I am willing to take that leap, but husband wants to be sure everything looks good on paper first.
Hello ladies,

I see the last post was made in June so I wonder if anyone is still reading this?

Would definitely appreciate some prayers!

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