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Christian mummies prayer/praise reports

Haha zacky was born on 30th jan in the middle of a heat wave. Even our hospital room was hot. All his gorgeous clothes went unworn at first as it was too hot for anything more than a singlet and nappy!
That is the advantage of summer babies... they don't take much effort to dress and cloth nappies (not sure if you used cloth?)are pretty cute. Sara didn't have or wear many clothes for a while lol.
I didn't cloth last time but I'm going to this time :)
I just love newborn cloth <3 :cloud9:

I've bought some for Chickadee (9 brand new GloBugs and 5 pre loved Bambooties) but I'm planning to make a heap too :) I've got lots of minky and PUL and bamboo and I've just printed out some patterns so I'm going to get busy sewing a newborn stash and some for Sara as well.
Oh wow! You're clever making them. It's all about new to me. I am still looking into it. I sell wraps and slings and started selling some nappies as well. I tried them out on Isaac and liked them but couldn't afford to make the full time switch to cloth (when we are hoping to start on the toilet soon)
I made the one in my profile pic :). Took me a year and a half to work up the courage to make a nappy and I needn't have been scared.
Oh wow!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!

I have a sewing machine, no idea how to use it though :dohh: :haha:
i knew you guys were opposite of us in seasons. i had 2 in (our) spring time- march and may- it was a lovely experience! i had a june baby which is our summer and it was so rough- my least fave experience. he was my only one who was over due too- by 11 days- boo! my others were an autumn baby and 2 winter babies, not too bad. the autumn one i was in 2nd tri over summer and that wasnt so great, but it cooled off by 3rd tri.

we loooove to cloth diaper!!!! i have AI1's though and even buttoned down to their smallest setting they dont look right on a newborn. we have used them on our last 3 kids. i have to wait a few months to put them in it though. i need to get some newborn ones if we have anymore kids.
Oh really? So you'd recommend newborn size? I was thinking of using the clip down AI1's...

Ladies, could I ask for you to pray, I'm starting to consider my options re birthing this baby. I would LOVE to try a vbac but DH has it in his head that they are too dangerous. Also, I had an awful time at my local hospital so want to try to find another hospital and possibly a doula this time. I am feeling overwhelmed by all the choices before me but really hopeful for a positive experience this time :)
i cant really say on the newborn ones, i havent used them yet. if we have more im gonna try to get some though cuz the ones we have just dont look right. it may just be me though. around 4ish months i feel like they fit better, even though they still have to be buttoned down.

i will definitely pray hun! God will lead you and your husband in the direction you should go and you will both have peace about it. :hugs:
Just wanted to pop in and say hi!

How is everyone going??
I'd forgotten all about this thread! How apt as I could really use some prayer for tomorrow.

I have a breech baby and my hospital is really pushing for a c section next week which I'm not in favour of. Tomorrow I'm meeting with one of the consultants who is experienced with breech births and has already said that if i go into labour before Monday he'll be happy to let me have a vaginal birth, but we have to discuss options for if I go into labour the following two weeks, if he's willing to come in when I go into labour, as otherwise I have to drive 3 hours to Newcastle.

Additionally, hubby hasn't had much work in the past 3 weeks (well all year really with the exception of 4 or 5 really good weeks) but today he was given a stretch of 12 hour days for the next week or two and its a remote location without mobile coverage. So prayers that I don't go into labour when he's inaccessible.
I'll keep you in my prayers Hun, that it will all fall into place and that you will have peace about it.

My 'vbac discussion' isn't until I'm 32 weeks and I'm already thinking a lot about it so I can only imagine how you're feeling xx
Thanks :).

Ooh just noticed your ticker that you're team blue again. Congrats!
Let us know how it all goes tomorrow xx

Yep team blue and so excited :) we have 'almost' decided on Asher :)

Do you know what you're having?
Nope its a surprise!
Nothing yet. If bub comes in the next week, maybe two, we're looking at a 3 hour drive in labour so prayers for lots of notice would be appreciated. Everyone thinks they should be telling me about how their second labour was 1-3 hours long after a 20+ hour first labour. Um not helpful! Lol.
Well I'd never wish a long labor on anyone but at least long enough to get to the hospital would be nice! Lol

How are you feeling?

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