Christian mummies prayer/praise reports

Forgot about this thread again :doth:

Had a great labour with just enough notice to make the three hour drive without too much discomfort. Chloe was born 2 1/2 hours after arriving at hospital and I wasn't in established labour when we arrived even.

Giving God all the glory for an uneventful delivery (aside from the fact she was breech so the room was full of people LOL)

And she sleeps! LOL. Hoping we won't have the sleep issues from her that we get from Saranna.
Congrats Hun! So happy everything worked out for you and you got the birth you wanted. Praise God!!

And you've given me hope re her sleeping. Hope this bubba is a 'good' sleeper too. His brother was a serial night waker and still at 2.5 sleeps in our bed :dohh:

How is it being a mum of 2 now??
So I just wanted to share a verse God showed me recently. I think it's such a beautiful verse for mums. I read it everyday. I just love it

He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young. (Isaiah 40:11 NLT)
Natalie- you had such a lovely delivery!!! <3

mrs park- that is absolutely one of my favorite verses :cloud9: we have co-slept with all of ours so we still have our 1 and 2 yr old in bed with us :)
Just saw your ticker blessedmomma! Congratulations xx
We're adjusting. Bedtimes are trickiest as Saranna still breast feeds and needs to be rocked to sleep and that's the one time of day Chloe is generally quite fussy , but we're managing so far. I have new admiration for blessedmama and other moms of many though! Goodness me.

And Sara starts out in her own bed now (since 15 months) but with the exception of a few nights where she-s slept there longer she's generally in with us before 1:30. Dh was so dead set against cosleeping with two but now he's the one who brings her to bed and said it doesn't feel right without her there lol.
Natalie- that's so funny! my DH is the same. he didn't want to move the 2 older boys to their own room and I had to convince him they would be ok. they were in a twin bed together next to us for about a year til we moved them. they have been moved over about a year now and they love their room and their toddler beds!

thanks mrs park!- we actually tried for a few cycles after ppaf came back, but I got really worn out emotionally with it the last couple cycles. so I kinda gave up and told God if it was His will, He would make it happen. so I was very surprised when I got my bfp. its funny how He waits for us to surrender to give us a gift we couldn't do in our own strength! <3
I'm a soon to be new mommy. My baby is overdue so just trying to wait patiently on the Lord and trusting in His sovereignty. I'm glad I found a Christian forum on here :) so encouraging. Please be praying for me as the labor process progresses. As of yesterday I hadn't dilated any but today I'm showing some positive signs of progress. I hope you all are well.
Hi Ruth :)

Praying for a smooth delivery for you. Both my babies were late . one by 10 days and the second by 4 days.
hi and welcome ruth!!! that was my grandmas name, so pretty <3

praying for you and baby hun! :hugs:
Thank you both so much! I've lost bits of my mucous plug and I'm exciting things are progressing. I'm learning to be content during this time of waiting and not be so anxious for him to get here. What helped you the most while waiting?
just lovely here <3 kids are growing like well nourished plants and new one is healthy.

God is good and couldn't be happier :)

how is everyone else??? couple new LO's in here <3 <3 <3
I knew she was pregnant as we were in first tri together with Bug, a few weeks ahead of where I would have been

So close to your birthing time now Mrs_Park!
Hi ladies! I completely missed your comments on here! So sorry!

Yes, my sweet little Aenon was born 6 weeks ago! He's doing amazing!

How are you all? :hugs:
oh my goodness huge congrats love!!!!

he is adorable, you are so blessed <3
Thank you, I feel so blessed! Recovery was a bit tough this time (3rd c section) and little Aenon has been very unsettled but I feel like we have turned a corner no wand we are both doing much better.

How are you and your family?

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