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Aug 31, 2006
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He is such hard work at the moment, its starting to get me down now,

He crys and whinges pretty much all day unless he is in my arms but i cant have him on my hip all day.

and now he is wide awake at stupid o clock in the morning (2.30) and wants to play, i have had to come down stairs with him coz nothing will make him go back off to sleep.

Im soooo tired, just want to sleep........ its making me wonder if i really want to do all this agian.

anyone elses baby wake up in the night to play? what do you do?

Nathan wakes up in the night wanting to play (as soon as I wake up and look at him he's all smiles lol) about 3/4am so I bring him in to bed with me untill about 8am and he's happy lying there just watching me or he goes back off to sleep :)
is he hungary when he wakes up or does he just want to play at the stuiped time in the morning?????

could he be teething hun, kacy is like that the moment with her teeth she wouldn't go to her dad she will just come to me????

he wakes up for a bottle in the night still, he already had it before 2.30 so he couldnt of been hungry again.

hes just cut his top tooth so i thin he is getting the one next to it, there is only so much calpol and teething gel i can dose him up on lol

my other kids slept through from 6 weeks old and didnt have any trouble cutting teeth, i think thats why im finding this so hard.

he has just fallen asleep so im off to sleep with him

i don't blame you hun i hope it gets better for you hun
not sure if thats for me or sarah lol, but Coby is no better, still wakes up 2 or 3 times a night, its so drianing!

we brought him a new cot bed, and changed his milk, he slept through for 3 days, it was heaven!! butnow he is back to waking up all the time lol

hopefuly he will grow out of it soon

Awwwwwwww I do hope so babe!! xx

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