diet to help you concieve?

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    Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone here has done or is on the camebridge diet? And did it help you coneieve? I hear that being overweight reduces fertility so I decided to give this weight loss plann a go!

    I am on soul souce: No food at all! Or any drink accept water and the milkshakes that containe all the nutrients in no chewing gum sweets etc.

    On day 4 I lost half a stone(7lbs) now on day 10 and haven't weighed myself yet.

    Has anyone got any positives or negitives from this diet? Or any other varieation of this diet or any other diet that may have helped you concieve?

    Thanks! I'm hoping after a loose alittle weight I'll be able to concieve easier!

    Sumaries what I'm asking lol

    1: has any diet you've done helped you concieve in the past?
    2: or adding something to your diet that helps you concieved?
    3: any diet that you recommend?
    4: has anyone tried the cambridge diet? Or anyone you know if so what was the outcome..?
    Etc :)

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