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Aug 31, 2006
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What you feeding the kids (OHs) & you sprogs :twisted:


We're boring have pie & frozen chips :roll:
we have been off work with this cold and I had a kebab chip butty with garlic sauce for lunch (DH had fish and chips with mushy peas) so we are too full for tea at the minute. Eva had a chicken and vegetable jar and some mixed fruit and a whole box of raisens :D we're trying to teach her that they are sweets hahahaha
Jade is having the other half of my chinky curry Mmmmmmmmm I am just too nice :D

Duh, I just re-read your post..........I smashed a glass all over the side, so I will wait for paul to clear that up when he gets home, then I think it will have to be an oven jobby as too late to prepare anything from scratch, so fish n chips or sommin?!?! :?
We're skint lol, so tonight was 1lb beef, 2 parsnips sliced into sticks, tin tomatoes, tin beans, 2 oxo cubes, teaspoon of garam masala and a pint of water slow cooked for a few hours with cheese biscuits on top. Have enough for two nights tea, tomorrow will have the leftovers with spuds and brocolli. Sounds gross but is really tasty and warming :)
I'm making sausage casserole and mashed potato hhmmmm.

Will be ready in 15mins, can't wait.

Charm X
i had pasta cabonara, was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Me and OH had thai green curry (that he cooked for me god bless), and Seren had pasta with the pasta sauce I made the other day and kiwi and banana.
well last night russ make homemade curry and i made lamb shanks with jack pots and carrots brociall yumyum yumyum
We ended up with steak & chips Mmmmmmmmmm

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