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May 9, 2008
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Hi girls just a really quick one.

My last period was on the 14th of March which would make my due date 19th of december.

When i went for an early scan (6 weeks) they gave me the date of 8th of jan which does not make sense it is quite far out. From then they just stuck to that date.

But as they were wrong with my daughter I just have a feeling the baby is going to be early.

Do you recon I should just go by my dates (from when last period was)??

Love to hear from you, kasey xxx
Have you not have a 20 week scan yet? I was told one date at my 6 week scan, and then they confirmed a different date at my 20 week scan when they can be more accurate. They still think that they might be a week out though!
it's so confusing! When I was pg with DS they only did dating scans if you had no idea of your dates. I did know, and was spot on (DS was born 3 days after due date). But now it's just routine, they do a dating scan and give you a date and that's it. I know my dates, and from them I know that I'm due around November 4th, but at my 12 week scan bubs was measuring big so they brought the due date forward to October 26th. If you're quite sure of your dates, I'd go from them. It's how they did it in the good old days!!! x
Pfft i have no idea either, my dates would have been early in October if i'd gone by mine but they gave me 28th so :shrug: The baby will come when its ready doesnt really matter about dates now i feel :)
Mines gone from the 14th to the 16th to the 18th lol ... pain in the butt!!
What have they put on your notes?? Mine was 18th by LMP, 17th by early scan and 13th by 12/20 wk scans. They have agreed on 13th. They usually go off the scan. It's only really relevant if you go over.

They had put 19th of dec on my notes but changed after the 6 week scan and left as that everyone is just going from that. I have just got a feeling myself it is wrong. and by my LMP it is 3 weeks out
Talk to your MW about it but if you're right baby will come early and thats that!! I'd have a chat with her and just say you're a bit concerned about the dates if you do go over.

Ha ha welcome to my world hun.I posted something similar ages ago.My LMP was 08/01/08 which makes me due middle of oct but nope I have been given 9th nov - 15th nov.I have all the signs i'm right as baby has been engaged for ages and i've had my show and hind waters have leaked.So i'm guessing oct,but baby is meausring small so no one listening to me.Oh well time will tell.If you are concerned at all try and get another scan.easier said than done as they wont do one for me.All the best xxx
I have it written in my notes too, according to LMP I'm 31st Oct and according to scan I'm 5th Nov. I am pretty certain of when I conceived and I reckon 31st Oct is closer. Its all a nonsense!
I would talk to your midwife and maybe try and get another scan and see what date that gives you. It only really matters if you go over due.. but if you do go overdue it is very important to have the correct dates

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