General chatter while we wait (and commentary on the "pull out method")

All local private schools are impacted and he would get kicked out. They’d also cut his IEP down significantly. I don’t have the money anyway for private school. And lol they get my family’s either way from property taxes. We can’t register at any other public district because he has a super intense IEP and everywhere is super overloaded with sped
So what are your options? I mean even the bad ones they want you to do?

So they’re running labs for a whole gamut of things. The dr ordered me fluids but the nurse couldn’t get my vein so they couldn’t administer them. “Le sigh”. I don’t blame her though, my veins are a challenge as is and with being dehydrated…yeah wasn’t happening. But I wasn’t so severely dehydrated that it was a medical emergency so they discharged me.
only options are move to SoCal LOL but student teacher said nobody waa hiring at the job fair or just keep fighting. He will eventually end up in his current placement just a matter of how much psychological damage happens first

Omg gigs I’m so sorry! Ugh I have a similar issue tiny veins and I don’t drink enough. Luckily my town is tiny so the nurse who draws my blood immediately gives me hand warmers and a thing of Apple juice and crackers lol. Always seems to work. Hope you’re feeling better soon!
Is A aware of what’s going on at all? Ugh I just can’t believe they are fighting so hard against y’all. I could see if he was a huge problem child or something but clearly that’s not the situation. How just plain sad on their part.

So I’m in the hospital :roll: I started throwing up last night and just felt so weak this morning that I gave in. My Mom’s been trying to convince me to go for two days…this morning was enough for me, so hubs took me here. Turns out my salt levels are “severely” low. I’m here on an iv until my levels raise & stabilize
Unfortunately he knows. The kids have outdoor play at his school based childcare and luckily it’s not closed to the public after school is out so when he’s really sad I take him to play and see his friends.

Yikes I’m so glad you went to the hospital! Do they have any idea why it might be low? And is that the reason you’re feeling poorly? Hopefully the iv is the reset you need
Vomiting and dehydration on their own can cause low sodium levels, Dobs. Sometimes all you need is IV fluids to get you back up and running.
Uh oh, we seem to have gone silent. Dobs, any updates? Gigs, are you feeling better?

I am still not pregnant lmao, probs the only update needed from me :rofl:
I've been meaning to post for a few days, but just kept procrastinating. lol

I am also curious about how everyone is doing. I hope babies Florence and Miles are well.

As for me, I'm currently 40w5d and baby girl seems to be nice and comfy where she is. She's head down and all that good stuff, but doesn't seem to want to meet us yet. I have a MW appt tomorrow, so I guess we'll talk about what our options are.
Hope everyone is well!

Prettt your insta story bump pic was gorgeous! Definitely update us.

School year is over and I’m suing the school as A was never back in.

Summer vk is off to a fun but exhausting start. We went horseback riding on Friday, Sat we had the special needs surf camp, Sunday was a play date in the park. My mom left for Thailand for three weeks and I’m so excited to have space from her lol. Plus she gave me the green light to move all her disorganized s* around while she’s gone. I’ve gotten our small room pretty organized, but if I can get her pop up closet and her clothes out of half the closet then I can get a tv + dresser in here. We’re still storing stuff at the other place and my brother is being reluctant to move in. My mom isn’t making moves to build an expansion. I can’t afford to buy anything here at the moment. But I did look into homes for heroes as it sounds like I could get like 5-10k back The real issue are these interest rates! I have the down payment but with A needing $1k in childcare it’s like I could possibly manage it but I’d have to pull him out of everything. We’d have no money left.
Pretty I hope that little stubborn lady is here by now! We need a baby photo or a bump photo, or both. Whichever applies, please!

Dobs that is a lot to sort out for sure. I’m sure attorney fees don’t help. What will you be asking for from the school? Also what is home for heroes?

Shae lol; I’ll so be over here rooting for a slip up. Any updates on jobs/housing?

I’m doing a lot better, thank you for asking! Turns out somehow I contracted crpytosporidiosis. Now this is most commonly contracted from pools or lakes or other stagnant water. It’s also somewhat common to see in people who have been overseas/out of the country. So how I got it is a dang mystery because none of that applies. Anyway I also contracted a virus from either urgent care or the hospital that 2 of the kids also got so all and all, May was a rough month. But I’m doing better now and am trying to get back into my workouts.

I also visited a friend of mine and her newborn. The visit was nice but definitely enforced the feeling that I’m done with babies lol. He’s adorable but I’m very comfortable with not having something so very dependent on me anymore.
Right?! Since she didn’t update I wonder if baby is here! :)

Gigs omg that’s crazy! I’m glad you’re ok and feeling better. Yikes! I so know the aww baby let me hold now take them back feeling haha.

Homes for heroes is a group of real estate agents and mortgage lenders who help “hero” jobs like police/fire/teachers. It’s not much because it doesn’t have the same restrictions as other teacher programs (ie location or resale) but you get some money at closing. Like up to 3.5k if you sell, 3.5k if you buy, and $750 if you get a loan with their agents.

So I wanted to visit my uncle in Vegas but flights were nearly $500 (Costco does have a SW gift card $500 for $450). But I decided instead I’d drive to LA to see my grandparents then drive from there. Until I realized fastest route is right past Mojave. Not risking that solo with A, already nervous enough re grapevine. So instead…. We’ll leave from horse camp (since it’s 40/355 miles on the way lol). Likely hit LA traffic which is a bummer but oh well. But we’ll fly from LA to Vegas and rent a car. And naturally since we’ll be in LA gotta go to Knott’s Berry farm. And since my brother is a d* I have to pay him to watch my dogs. So this whole excursion to save $100 has now cost me $1200 :rofl: not even accounting for gas and food and souvenirs

And of course I was only supposed to have the one big vk to Disneyworld and let’s be real…. My mom paid for tix and hotel thankfully but I’ve booked character dining every day and photos at magic kingdom and animal kingdom and it’s me. Oh a sushi dinner the first night and the tequila tasting at Epcot Hi. I’m the problem. It’s me. So I’m sure I’ll find a way to spend more than my 3k allowance this summer. *the 3k is the stipend I get end of month for being a diversity champion at work
Sorry ladies. No news yet. More on that later...

Gigs - Yeesh. That's sucky and crazy. Glad to hear you're on the med though.

Dobby - Good luck with your lawsuit. It sucks that it's come to that, but it sounds like they are definitely in the wrong. Give 'em hell.
When are you planning on taking those trips?
Also, can you believe we'll have 7yos in just over a month?

Flueky - Happy very belated BDay to V! Did she have a good day?

AFM, like I said, no baby yet. I'm 41w1d today. Had a scan to check on her and she seems to be fine. Head down, 8-ish lbs, good amount of fluid. Gonna get a call from my MW tomorrow and we'll figure out a game plan. Most likely swinging by the house on Friday or Saturday to do a sweep, if things don't get started before then.
Until then, here's a pic of me from yesterday. And the kids from a couple weeks ago. The boys had haircuts last Friday and Matthew's curls are now gone. lol

Awww Pretty I love your bump! How are you feeling? Hopefully she makes her debut soon, idk about over there but it’s getting hot!

Thanks ladies. The lawsuit is to formally re-establish residency and get him re-enrolled and hopefully sue for all fees up to this point. The limitations on the kinder stuff is two years so that rolls up in October for the first payment though technically all was said and done may 2023. I’m hoping my fortune is right and the big financial gain is a settlement that, at minimum, repays all of my atty fees. If that happened, I could pay off my debt (which all came from these stupid fees to begin with).

We have playdates tom and Fri, horse camp is next week, and we’ll leave right after horse camp in Fri to LA. We’ll be gone almost two weeks and back just as my mom comes back from Thailand. Which is a bummer because I’m loving the peace lol but we do Disney mid July and I hate traveling in August because of school prep. So I’m bummed A isn’t getting his ESY but it’s nice to see family. My uncle has a pool/nice backyard so I imagine we’ll just live outside the whole weekend lol
Well, baby girl finally made her appearance.

She was born at home on June 13th at 8:34am after about 6 hours of labour. She ended up being 9lbs 8oz and 21in long. She had her hand by her face on the way out, so I ended up needing a few stitches. When the MWs showed up around 6am and I was already 8cm. My water broke on its own 11 mins before delivery, which us good cuz they didn't have enough time to get any antibiotics going for me. The boys hung out in the basement for the delivery, and Zoey slept through it. lol. It took us about 7 hours to decide on her name and we ended up going with...

Victoria Marie Joy

Congratulations Pretty she's a beauty!!!

Dobby I'm so sorry that you and A have had to go through such lengths. Will be praying all goes well with the case.

Gigs I'm glad that you are doing better.

Shae thinking of you and hope prospect's off ttc soon brighten for you.

Sorry all life has been crazy. I've been silently stalking and will most likely stay that way.

The girls, DH, and myself are well. We are going on a road trip out of state to visit family soon so hoping that goes well. I absolutely cannot believe how old our babies are getting. Prayers and positive thoughts for all of you and your family.
Pretty congratulations!!!

Dobs agh I can’t believe this stuff is still going on with A and the schools. Hopefully there will be a good legal resolution.

No updates on career/housing TTC. Things are going a lot slower than expected. Frustrating, but it is what it is. In the meantime, I’m designing the floor plan for a barndominium that’s under 2,300 square feet (aka affordable size) and using some software to figure out how I’d furnish it lol.
Ooooo she’s precious! I bet everyone is smitten. Glad all worked out with your home birth!

Ooo Shae would that be like converting a barn to an adu situation?

Afm I dropped a cup. It decided to have the last laugh and slice my wrist. 3 sutures and no swimming for two weeks. He said knotts in a week and a half will be fine but I’m scared because I JUST bought A a wrist tether because he’s outgrown the teddy backpack. And I’m going to see and stay at my uncle’s literally to just play in his pool all weekend. So idk if they’ll take my sutures out in LA before I fly to Vegas or if they’ll say wait until I’m back but I’m driving to LA. It’s a mess. I have to talk to wound care on Monday and see what they say
Dobs oh geez, what did wound care say? Is it healing well?

Flueks when is your road trip? What state are you visiting, anything exciting?

Pretty how has the first week with baby Victoria been? Are the older kiddos adjusting well?

AFM, currently in a TWW :rofl: DH and I got drunk on ovulation day and did the deed, and while I didn’t get a full deposit, I did get a partial one (of semen, not just precum). Oops. My boobs have been hurting since O+1. They feel heavy and on and off achey. They don’t normally hurt in the early luteal phase, so this is odd, but Google says it can happen due to estrogen in the early luteal phase, so while it’s not my normal, it’s not abnormal either. And of course I’ve been spotting since O+2 like I have been the past 3 cycles, which worries me a bit.

I ended up going to the gyno because I found a rough area on my cervix, and the bleeding the last few months on top of it concerned me. I got the all clear, she said I have a very mild cervical ectropion, super common in women under 30 and totally benign, basically the “wallpaper” of the cervical canal poking out of the cervix a tiny bit, and it can feel a little rough. She said my cervix looks perfect, so that worry is taken care of. I got in fast due to a cancellation, and it was of course on our 1st anniversary :rofl: DH came with me and was great, he held my hand during the pelvic exam cuz he was worried I’d need support, I was like “are you good?” Cuz it’s not exactly my first rodeo but he’d never been to one of my gyno appointments, and he said he was just worried I’d need his hand, he was totally unbothered. Makes me feel confident that he’ll do well during birth (at least if he’s by my head lol).

ETA: Dobs a barndo can be a converted barn but is more commonly referring to a house that’s a new construction made with a steel frame instead of traditional wood, and shaped kinda like a barn.
Keeping my FXed. That was sweet that he went with you for support. How was the rest of your anniversary? Has it really been a year?! It feels like just last month. Times flies. Happy Belated Anniversary! I’m team slip up now lol. Thx I definitely would never have guessed that’s what the barndo was lol

I have Kaiser and they’re giving me a run around. Nor Cal and So Cal are separate systems so I needed a new number. They were supposed to book an appointment after me basically saying if they don’t then I’m going to the nearest non Kaiser clinic and making them pay for it. But then they called me saying to call back. They want me to go to LA when I’m literally ten minutes from a Kaiser with a wound care department that confirmed they can take my stitches out and LA is an hour one way if there isn’t traffic. But they said I absolutely cannot wait until I get back from Vegas so it has to come our Wed. I’m just going to go and shove my wrist in their face and let A stim in the lobby until they make time to do it if they don’t honor the appointment time they gave me.

Super excited for Knott’s on Monday. A might actually pass as 48” with shoes on which means he could ride Jurassic park. But we’re really going for Nintendo land (I haven’t been!) and he’s super into Mario on his switch. Got our disability access stuff squared away. Knotts on Tuesday also has great accommodations. Also registered for our DAS for Disneyworld :). And I forgot I had bought a car seat carrier so I’m really hopeful that I can pack out clothes for Vegas in A’s school backpack and our electronics in one bag and just manage. I forgot my safety tether at home so need to hop on Amazon to see but I do have tsa pre check now. Our drive down went more smoothly than I expected! But I’ll definitely need to break up the drive back

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