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Gun shots!



Keep hearing gun shots from across the road. Very loud - like shot gun shots... Have phoned police but no one here yet.

It's very unnerving :shock:
omg thats well scary!! i always get worried that i'm hearin gun shots. any news??
No news. There were about 5 shots one after the other, then a pause and one more. Phoned police. No police turned up yet. One more shot since then. Surely the police should respond faster to reports of gun shots! :shock: I just hope I'm never in the position where I need a fast response from the police!
:shock: can't belive the police haven't responded!!!!
5 gun shots and police haven't turned up yet?! :shock:
:shock:....What are they playing at? It could be serious!
Well no one has turned up. I guess that means that they haven't sent anyone and aren't going to?

Pathetic. I just hope they were shooting birds and not people!
How ridiculous that the police haven't shown up!
where i live gun shots are common and cops never come. i think that an injury or murder has to actually take place in order for the police to respond. do live in a rural area, or urban?
Well we don't live near any farms if that's what you mean - we live in a town and the shots came from literally over the road i.e. they sounded like they were in the neighbours house on the other side of the road. I lived on a farm long enough to know what an air riffle sounds like, too and this was much louder, much deeper - like a shot gun.

It's a shitty area we live in - gun crime, knife crime all drug related, car crime is very common. I am shocked they haven't turned up. Our neighbour could be laying over there dead or something! I know they could just be shooting birds but that is still illegal in a built up area - if that were the case it would still only take a miss-shot for someone to be very badly hurt.

I am appalled they haven't turned up and thinking about phoning AGAIN.

What would you do?
i would call again and say how desgusted you are they they havent even come and if anything serious has happend u will be making a note of the lack of responce.....man id be going potty xx
omg i cant believe they didnt show!!! do u know ur neighbours maybe pop over or ring them just to c they answer!!! xxxxxx
omg i cant believe they still havent turned up. god i hope nothin's happened!!

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