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House hunting


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Aug 31, 2006
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My house hunting is starting - Hoping to get an appointment with the letting agency start of March & be out by end of March! I HOPE! [-o<

I'm really excited but it's a nightmare too huh?

Hoping it goes smoothly enough for them to understand we have a tie here (like we would with them) & let us take the contract later in the month which is usually ok if it goes *smoothly* after credit checks etc & also be nice to get the internet on before we move in - thats kind of priority though :?

So here goes :shock: :D
Best of luck hun!

Hope you find what your looking for soon :D

We are getting the keys to our new house in Friday, yay! we exchange contracts next week then we are hoping to complete the week after, so we have 2 weeks to move everything out which is good, we can do it in stages rather than having to do everything all in one day.

Get your internet on before you move in :lol:
lol yeah we will be, thats teh good thing about takeing on 2 houses at once, we can stay here untill the new house is all ready and hooked up

Good luck to the both of you,

Wobbles you deserve a break hun so do you layla!!

Good luck with the moves and i hope they are as stress free as possible!

Good luck. Hope everything goes as smoothly as poss!
Looks like we're going to Wrexham Friday :dance:

Dunno if this will work but heres the houses we want to look at:

I want the last one [-o<
Thank Rachel :D x

Rachel where the nearest EPU - Is there one in Wrexham?
Am I right in thinking epu means early pregnancy unit?? :oops: sorry if it's not :oops:

If it does mean early pregnancy unit then there is one in the Wrexham Maelor hospital :)
Yer it is hun :lol: Thanks maybe this time we won;t have to spend out £15 wach time we need to go :roll:
The house we wanted/wanted to see first has gone :cry:

Well I found another house over budget but booked it anyway & then told OH!! :lol:

That looks lovely Wobbles. And a good size too! :D
Terrible isn't it that we are only a couple but I never considered the fact we both work from home when we moved in here! - 2 bed bungalow!!

People usually have 2 bedrooms - 1 spare BUT we don't we have 1 bedroom 1 office meaning I have stuff in the shed that I don't want to be in the shed - stuff I've had for years an stuff :cry: So we have no spare room & really need it OR a understair cupboard!! Other than that errr I want a dining room A) Because we're sick of eatting off our laps although nice sometimes its bad when we have guests too lol & because I want my desk downstairs its awkward being in teh same room most days for most hours of the day together!!
Aww hun .. Im sure you will find something soon .. keep ur chin up chick.

Thanks :D

My hearts on the one above now - Over budget or not [-o<

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